September 24-25, 2024

CHESS—Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession

IHA’s annual senior-level conference for industry leaders. This strategic education and networking event allows attendees to access high-profile industry experts directly and share information and ideas with other housewares and home goods decision-makers. Held every fall, CHESS attracts the chief officers of IHA’s most prominent member companies. The program includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, general sessions and networking opportunities—the most valuable part of the 2-day event according to past participants.

CHESS —Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession— is IHA’s annual senior-level conference for industry leaders. This strategic education and networking event allows attendees to access high-profile industry experts directly and share information and ideas with other housewares and home goods decision makers. Held every fall, CHESS attracts the chief officers of IHA’s most prominent member companies. The program includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, general sessions and networking opportunities—the most valuable part of the 2-day event according to past participants.

Prescribing Lasting Relief for Today’s Pain Points

With every challenge in business comes the potential for resourceful opportunity. The home and housewares industry is reminded often of its resilience. That resilience has been put to the test yet again amid the uncertainty of economic, technological and global disruption during a consequential election year whose outcome, one way or the other, is sure to affect policy and response that directs business strategy and practice in 2025 and beyond.

CHESS 2024 will bring home and housewares industry leaders together in common pursuit of insight and inspiration on how not only to relieve the pain points in business coming from so many directions these days, but also how to massage such relief into a sustainable recovery that reaffirms the housewares business as a resourceful catalyst for innovation, consumer satisfaction and retail growth.

Session Details

Tuesday, October 3

Wednesday, October 4

Tuesday, October 3

The pressure to invest in retail media networks is intensifying, yet the clarity on performance metrics often remains elusive. This fireside chat will explore how housewares industry leaders can leverage advanced measurement techniques to drive significant revenue growth and operational efficiencies. In this session, Aaron Conant and Meghan Corroon will delve into the complexities of retail media networks and their impact on profitability. They’ll offer actionable insights on leveraging off-platform retail media halo effects and implementing neutral ROI measurement strategies for informed strategic decisions and effective budget reallocations. Explore how these insights can unlock hidden profits and enable real-time adjustments, empowering C-suite executives to drive sustainable growth and maximize ROI in today’s competitive landscape.

Moderator: Aaron Conant, Co-Founder & Chief Digital Strategist, BWG Connect
Panelist: Meghan Corroon, CEO, Clerdata

Craig Brightup and Rafe Morrissey of IHA’s Government Affairs office in Washington, D.C. will provide vital updates on regulatory and legislative developments affecting the housewares industry into 2025 and beyond.

Topics to be explored:

  • Lacey Act Declarations
  • PFAS Regulations (State and Federal)
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Employee Relations Regulations


Presenters: Craig Brightup, CEO, The Brightup Group; Rafe Morrissey, President, Morrissey Strategic Partners

With the 2024 presidential election taking place a little more than a month after CHESS, Craig Brightup and Rafe Morrissey of IHA’s Government Affairs Office in Washington, D.C., will examine how the outcomes of the White House and Congressional races could shape federal policy impacting the housewares business in 2025 and beyond.

Topics to be explored:

  • Election Scenarios
  • Tax Policy
  • Regulatory Policy
  • Energy Policy
  • Retail Theft Policy
  • Immigration Policy
  • Trade Policy


Presenters: Craig Brightup, CEO, The Brightup Group; Rafe Morrissey, president, Morrissey Strategic Partners

Wednesday, October 4

What is generative AI? How is it changing the housewares industry? How will it affect your IP strategy? What is the most underrated form of IP protection for housewares?  What is counterfeiting and why you may have a claim for it?  These questions and more will be answered in this presentation by leading intellectual property attorney Michael Graif on how you can protect and enforce your intellectual property effectively in the age of AI.

Speaker: Michael Graif, Partner, Brown Rudnick

India has been a manufacturing powerhouse for thousands of years, from spices to muslin cloths and jewelry. While the country is raw material rich (cotton, marble, wood, coir etc.), it has historically lagged in mechanization and infrastructure development. Numerous global buyers have tried their hands at navigating India sourcing, often struggling or even quitting. Yet, the sourcing environment in India is rapidly changing, driven by infrastructure investments, labor upskilling initiatives, technology and a stable, democratic government that is aggressively positioning India as a credible “China+1” alternative.

What is the reality on the ground? What are sectors that have dramatically taken off and are truly ready for global sourcing, and which are the laggards to avoid in the near-term? Also, as India becomes a top 3 global economy by 2030, what are opportunities for global brands to sell to the country’s 100 million “Affluent” consumer base? In this session, Nishant Verman will examine India’s sourcing potential along with the challenges and opportunities for the housewares industry. He will present economic data and discuss policy shifts, combined with an “on-the-ground” view of the reality of Indian manufacturing, to deliver a practical and actionable view of India sourcing.

Presenter: Nishant Verman, CEO & Co-Founder, Bzaar

When you hear industry insights from external sources, how do you get your organization to act on them? Along with reviewing key trends and an industry outlook, Circana’s Joe Derochowski and Lora Morsovillo will illustrate how a company can act on these insights and leverage them throughout the year. The session will explore key business planning events with inputs into (1) corporate strategy, (2) brand strategy, (3) executing at retail and (4) tracking performance.

Moderators: Joe Derochowski, Vice President & Home Industry Advisor, Circana; Lora Morsovillo, President, Circana

2024 CHESS Sponsors

Tuesday, October 3

10 – 10:15 A.M.

Presenter: Derek Miller, IHA president & CEO

10:15 – 11:15 A.M.

The pressure to invest in retail media networks is intensifying, yet the clarity on performance metrics often remains elusive. This fireside chat will explore how housewares industry leaders can leverage advanced measurement techniques to drive significant revenue growth and operational efficiencies. In this session, Aaron Conant and Meghan Corroon will delve into the complexities of retail media networks and their impact on profitability. They’ll offer actionable insights on leveraging off-platform retail media halo effects and implementing neutral ROI measurement strategies for informed strategic decisions and effective budget reallocations. Explore how these insights can unlock hidden profits and enable real-time adjustments, empowering C-suite executives to drive sustainable growth and maximize ROI in today’s competitive landscape.

Moderator: Peter Giannetti, editor-in-chief, HomePage News
Panelist: Sal Gabbay, CEO, Gibson Homewares; Evan Dash, founder, CEO, StoreBound; Bill McHenry, founder/CEO, Widgeteer

11:15 – 11:30 A.M.

Presenters: Craig Brightup, CEO, The Brightup Group; Rafe Morrissey, president, Morrissey Strategic Partners

11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

This panel discussion will examine surging regulatory compliance topics impacting the housewares business, including PFAS chemicals, California Prop 65 and Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Moderators: Craig Brightup, CEO, The Brightup Group
Panelists: Fran Groesbeck, managing director, Cookware & Bakeware Alliance; Thomas Lee, partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

12:30 – 2 P.M.

2 – 3 P.M.

Executives from Circana, the market research and analytics company created by the merger of The NPD Group and IRI, will provide a complete view of the consumer by looking at the $4 trillion-plus in global consumer spending to help identify indicators of where consumers and retailers are heading and to pinpoint growth opportunities for home and housewares.

Speakers: Don Unser, president, Thought Leadership, Circana; Joe Derochowski, vice president and home industry advisor, Circana

3 – 4 P.M.

This panel discussion will examine how to make consumer reviews a more influential component of housewares marketing strategies. Learn the importance of generating more reviews from purchases across all sales channels and how to harvest directional insights from what consumers are saying about you and your competitors.

Panelists: Laura Kegley, chief revenue officer, North America, Revuze; David Rapps, president, Wholescale

4 – 5 P.M.

Overstock completed its strategic transformation to a 100% furniture and home furnishings e-retailer in 2022. With a strong business model but a name that didn’t reflect its focus on home, Overstock saw a unique opportunity in acquiring the Bed Bath & Beyond brand – which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. As a result of the acquisition, Overstock rebranded under the Bed Bath & Beyond name, a widely recognized and admired banner synonymous with home.

In this special keynote, veteran Overstock leader Jonathan Johnson, CEO of the new Bed Bath & Beyond, will offer CHESS attendees an update on the company’s home-centric transformation, the relaunch of Bed Bath & Beyond and what’s ahead for the leading furniture and home furnishings company.

6:00 P.M.

6111 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018

Wednesday, October 4

8 – 9 A.M.

ESG, an acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance, is a three-pillar framework for measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company’s operations. As a growing component of how companies are evaluated by certain sectors of lending institutions and investors, ESG has become a flashpoint for debate across industries. In the balance, the cost and time consumption of addressing ESG considerations versus the potential reward of successful execution. This session will lay out the viewpoints from all sides of the topic while illuminating consumer perspectives on key issues crucial to determining your company’s position and strategic initiatives on this growing concern.

Speaker: Tom Mirabile, founder, Springboard Futures and IHA consumer trend analyst

9 – 9:15 A.M.

Presenters: Rafe Morrissey, president, Morrissey Strategic Partners

9:15 – 10:15 A.M.

Because housewares is an industry that relies on stable sources of working capital to fund its operations and growth, it is important to understand the significant shifts that have occurred in the lending markets since 2020 that, in the wake of the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank collapses, are continuing to evolve today. A global pandemic, government subsidies, supply chain influences, regulatory failures and economic fluctuations have all played a role in influencing the availability of sources of business financing. A panel of secured finance experts will unpack these events, providing data and insights to help you understand what this means to your business today and going forward.

Moderator: Richard Gumbrecht, CEO, Secured Finance Network (SFNet); Jenn Palmer, CEO, JPalmer Collective; Brian Martin, regional manager, CIT Commercial Services

10:15 – 10:30 A.M.

10:30-11:30 A.M.

Gauging retailer credit risk is a mounting challenge in the post-pandemic housewares marketplace, which has seen some high-profile retail bankruptcies while some others confront ongoing financial uncertainty. Scott Friedman, chief credit officer at Pulse Ratings Inc., will provide CHESS attendees with an overview of the retail business and its debt risk before taking a deep dive into credit factors affecting some key retailers.

Speaker: Scott Friedman, chief credit officer, Pulse Ratings, Inc.

11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots powered by generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) are transforming the way businesses communicate and interact with their customers. These technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to create personalized, engaging and efficient experiences for their adopters. However, they also pose significant risks and challenges, such as being overly reliant on AI, losing human touch or falling for hype and false claims. In this executive leadership Q&A moderated by Aaron Conant of BWG Connect, Jordan Brannon, president and COO of Coalition Technologies, will share his insights and expertise on how to leverage AI and chatbots for business success while avoiding the pitfalls and perils of these emerging tools.

Speaker: Jordan Brannon, president & COO, Coalition Technologies
Moderator: Aaron Conant, co-founder & chief digital strategist, BWG Connect

12:30 P.M.

Speaker: Peter Giannetti, editor-in-chief, HomePage News

12:45 P.M.

2024 Speakers

Craig Akers

Executive Director

Craig Akers, with a deep background in logistics and technology, serves as executive director of the International Housewares Shippers Association (IHSA). In this role, he oversees all aspects of IHSA’s operations, from marketing and sales to IT and contract negotiations. Under Akers, IHSA has fostered corporate alliances, expanding its reach and cultivating strong relationships with clients and vendors. Akers leverages his extensive experience in the industry, combined with his academic background in computer science and information technology, to keep IHSA at the forefront of the ever-evolving shipping landscape. IHSA was formed to benefit IHA member companies and their freight shipping needs.

Craig Brightup

The Brightup Group

Craig Brightup, CEO of The Brightup Group LLC, a government relations consulting firm, leads the International Housewares Association’s Government Affairs office in Washington D.C. Brightup has worked for more than 20 organizations since 2009, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and he is a founding member of E Street Partners, a bipartisan consortium providing public policy services to corporations, associations and coalitions.

Previously, he was vice president, government relations, for the National Roofing Contractors Association and before that headed congressional relations for the Federal Trade Commission by appointment of President Reagan. In 2000, he was named to Fortune Small Business magazine’s POWER 30 list of “influential insiders” in Washington. He recently served as president of the Washington Industrial Roundtable.

Aaron Conant

BWGConnect Logo Partner & Chair

Aaron Conant is co-founder and managing director of BWG Connect, a networking and knowledge sharing group used by thousands of brands to collectively grow their digital knowledge base and collaborate on partner selection. Advising more than 500 brands each year and hosting over 250 in-person and virtual events, Conant has a real-time pulse on the newest trends, strategies and partners shaping growth in the digital space. He is the host of “The Digital Deep Dive” podcast which brings in the top digital experts from multiple industries to answer the most relevant questions in ecommerce on a weekly basis.

Meghan Corroon

Co-Founder & CEO

Meghan Corroon, CEO of data science software company Clerdata, is a strategic and innovative leader trained in demography with 17 years’ experience leading data science teams. She has led international teams of more than 200 and worked with clients including The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, national governments in Africa and Asia and public and privately held companies of all sizes.

Joe Derochowski

Vice President

Joe Derochowski is vice president and home industry advisor for Circana, the new market research firm formed by the merger of IRI and The NPD Group. An expert at parsing data, Derochowski has been helping product developers and retailers for more than 30 years to identify growth opportunities through innovation, marketing, sales and merchandising.

Scott Friedman

Chief Credit Officer
Pulse Ratings, Inc.

Scott Friedman joined Pulse Ratings as chief credit officer in June 2023. Prior to joining Pulse, Friedman served as the principal at Scott Friedman Consulting/Olympus Peak Consulting since 2009, providing in-depth credit analysis, financial market insight, insolvency valuation work and credit risk mitigation alternatives to clients that include some of the world’s largest consumer product companies. He also served as the head of trade claims and a member of the investment team at Olympus Peak Asset Management, a credit fund with assets under management in excess of $1.7 billion. Prior to starting his own firm, Friedman was a vice president in the Trade Claims and Vendor Finance group at Avenue Capital, a global fund with assets under management that exceeded $15 billion. Before joining Avenue Capital, Friedman was a vice president at F&D Reports.

Peter Giannetti

HomePage News

Peter Giannetti joined IHA in March 2021 as director, editorial, content and education. In his role with IHA, Giannetti directed the development and launch of HomePage News, the authoritative B2B news platform for the home and housewares business, and has helped create exclusive IHA research reports, including the IHA Occasions Report, HomePage News Consumer Outlook Report and the just-released HomePage News InSight Trend Index.

He has reported on the home and housewares business since 1990. Before joining IHA, Giannetti served for 14 years as editor-in-chief and 14 years before that as editor of HomeWorld Business, a leading B2B print and digital publication.

Michael Graif

Brown Rudnick

Michael Graif is an intellectual property partner at Brown Rudnick in New York City. His practice focuses on trademark and copyright protection and enforcement, design patents, online infringement, domain names, artificial intelligence and fair use. Graif has been recognized by the World Trademark Review’s WTR 1000 for 12 consecutive years as a top trademark enforcement and prosecution attorney in New York.  He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey Law School and at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he teaches a course called “Social Media Law.” 

Rafe Morrissey

Morrissey Strategic Partners LogoPresident
Morrissey Strategic Partners

Rafe Morrissey has more than 20 years of public policy experience. Before starting Morrissey Strategic Partners, LLC, he managed legislative and public policy issues on behalf of clients for EnGage, LLC, primarily in the areas of postal affairs, consumer privacy and regulatory matters. In 2012, he was promoted to vice president, public affairs for the Greeting Card Association.

Before launching MSP, Morrissey served as senior vice president, government relations, for Evans Capitol Group, a public policy firm specializing in corporate, non-profit and trade association representation. He managed a wide range of issues including labor and employment policy, tax, trade, telecommunications and Internet privacy issues.

Lora Morsovillo

President, Home Durables

As president of Circana’s Home Durables practice, Lora Morsovillo is responsible for helping client partners grow their business through actionable insights. She has been with Circana (previously The NPD Group) since 2010. Morsovillo has more than 30 years of experience in consumer research, category management and shopper insights. Before joining Circana, Morsovillo spent a majority of her career at Newell Brands, where she led category management and shopper insights for the writing division. She also worked in various research roles at Epicor, Sunbeam/Jarden and IRI.

Nishant Verman

Springboard Futures LogoCEO & Co-Founder

Bio coming soon…

Richard Gumbrecht

Secured Finance Network

Since 2017, Rich Gumbrecht has been CEO of the Secured Finance Network, the leading trade association for the $5 trillion secured finance industry. He is a 30-year veteran of the commercial finance industry, having led diversified lending platforms at GE Capital, co-founded a successful equipment finance company and scaled the commercial finance platform for a mid-sized bank. He served as the chairman of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation (ELFF) Board of Trustees from 2013-2015.

Jonathan Johnson

Bed Bath & Beyond/Overstock LogoCEO
Bed Bath & Beyond/Overstock

Jonathan Johnson is CEO of the new Bed Bath & Beyond. Under his leadership, the iconic consumer brand was brought back to life online when it was acquired by, a leading home furnishings and furniture e-commerce retailer. In August 2023, Johnson rebranded the company under the Bed Bath & Beyond name.

Johnson, who became CEO of Overstock in 2019, positioned the company as more than just an ecommerce website – streamlining its widespread merchandising interests into a concentrated strategy focused on home furnishings. He has been an integral part of the company’s growth – from a start-up in 1999 to publicly traded with over $2.5 billion in sales and approximately 1,000 employees. When the former Bed Bath & Beyond went bankrupt in 2023, Johnson saw an opportunity to combine the best aspects of both Overstock and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Currently a member of the board of directors, Johnson has held various positions within Overstock since he joined the company in 2002, including chairman of the board, executive vice chairman, president and general counsel. He is also a member of the board of directors of The J.M. Smucker Co.

From 2016-2021, Johnson served as president of Medici Ventures, a former subsidiary which invested in blockchain technology and fintech businesses. In early 2021, under Johnson’s leadership, Medici’s portfolio companies were transferred to a limited partnership managed by venture capital firm Pelion Venture Partners.

Prior to Overstock, Johnson worked for TenFold Corporation, practiced corporate law in Los Angeles and served as a judicial clerk at the Utah Supreme Court.

Laura Kegley

Revuze LogoCRO

Laura Kegley, an 18-year revenue growth tech executive, is chief revenue officer for Revuze, whose AI-powered solution provides detailed consumer insights from online reviews for products in more than 200 industries. Revuze enables companies to monitor the e-commerce market, identify emerging trends and assess product strengths and weaknesses. Before joining Revuze last March, Kegley led and scaled sales teams at NetBase Quid, Malibu Design Group and Nordstrom, covering a wide range of businesses including SaaS software, healthcare and retail designer fashion.

Thomas Lee

Gould + RatnerPartner

Thomas Lee is a partner in the Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Practice Group for the San Francisco-based law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. Lee lead’s the firm’s PFAS and Proposition 65 practices. He advises clients on a range of environmental topics, and regularly works with clients in a variety of industries including real estate investment and development, food and agriculture, retail and consumer products, chemical manufacturing and distribution.

Lee is the founder and editor of the firms’ Emerging Contaminants/Emerging Solutions blog, and he regularly writes about California’s Proposition 65 and the developing regulation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Lee’s deep understanding of the ever-changing PFAS regulatory environment has made him a trusted counselor for companies evaluating their PFAS risk in transactional, regulatory and litigation contexts.

Brian Martin

Regional Manager
CIT Commercial Services

Brian Martin has more than 35 years of experience providing secured financing and factoring services to North American-based companies that have financing needs that are not fully met by traditional bank financing. As regional manager at CIT Commercial Services, Martin is responsible for overseeing client acquisition and retention, strategy, growth, risk management and staff across the 30 states in the central and southeastern regions. Before joining CIT in May 2022, Martin was with Wells Fargo for 17 years in positions of increasing responsibility, including national underwriting manager for the factoring, key account purchase and supply chain finance businesses, regional manager of factoring for the Southeast and national portfolio manager for the factoring unit. He previously served as executive vice president of Action Capital Corporation, a privately held commercial financial institution based in Atlanta.

Bill McHenry

Widgeteer Logo Founder/CEO

Bill McHenry founded Widgeteer in 2009 with a mission to develop and market original home and kitchen goods. Collaborating with European housewares companies, as well as designers and manufacturers around the world, Widgeteer has grown to offer a wide range of housewares and tableware brands, including MoHa kitchen gadgets; Tognana tableware, cookware and serveware; Sagaform tableware and giftware; Snips food storage; and Jeanne Fitz entertaining serveware.

Prior to starting Widgeteer, McHenry worked for 20 years in sales, marketing and business development with Nestle, 3M and Philips, holding senior level sales and marketing positions. His experience includes managing business activities of more than $100 million annually. He was recently elected to the board of directors of the International Housewares Association.

David Rapps


David Rapps is president of Wholescale, the fastest-growing consumer product ratings and reviews platform. Rapps co-founded Wholescale in 2022 to serve national brands and private-label suppliers with its unique suite of consumer data, content and analytics solutions. Rapps also leads Calego International Inc., a developer and distributor of luggage, travel bags and accessories. Rapps has grown Calego’s revenue and market share through strategic retail partnerships and proprietary brand development, including iFLY. Calego earned Walmart’s Supplier of the Year in the Home department in 2018, and Rapps led sales growth in 2020 and 2021 despite the negative impact of COVID on travel.

Don Unser


Don Unser leads thought leadership for Circana. Unser’s expertise in consumer and retail trends spans a wide range of categories, making him a trusted advisor to some of today’s most successful brands. He is a frequent guest in the C-suites of companies such as Target, Apple, Best Buy, Newell and many others that rely on him for insight into industry and category performance, the state of retail and winning strategies of best-in-class companies. He is a member of the Retail Industry Leaders Association board of directors. Prior to joining Circana, Unser was a 20-year veteran at Hewlett-Packard and held a variety of positions with the company, including vice president, retail sales.

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Exhibiting – $1,000
(Additional Attendees $800)
Non-Exhibiting – $1,500.00
(Additional Attendee $1.200.00)


Exhibiting – $2,000
Non-Exhibiting – $3,000

Manufacturer Representatives


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Rosemont, IL 60018

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2022 Schedule & Speakers



10:00 — 10:30 AM

Speaker: Derek Miller, President, International Housewares Association

10:30 — 11:30 AM

Successful and enduring housewares companies were adaptable long before the pandemic made pivoting so fashionable. Yet after the sudden and unforeseeable life and business disruption of the past two years that set off a series of new challenges, today’s housewares industry, from the smallest to the largest players, seems best served by companies astute enough to anticipate multiple scenarios and nimble enough to alter the course as needed. In this year’s Housewares Hot Seat panel discussion to open CHESS 2022, HomePage News Editor-in- Chief Peter Giannetti will sit with leaders of housewares companies to examine how they are implementing strategy and building organizations to remain more proactive in a reactive marketplace.

Panelists: Luke Peters, President & CEO, NewAir
Jacob Maurer, CEO, The Americas, The Cookware Company

Moderator: Peter Giannetti, Editor-in-Chief, HomePage News

11:30 AM — 12:30 PM

Speaker: John Dick, CEO, CivicScience

2:00 — 3:00 PM

The vast majority of brands want to grow sales and other online marketplaces in a profitable manner. The challenge, however, is that channel dynamics often prevent their ability to do so. Without a clear channel-control strategy in place, brands will see their value erode, lose sales to unauthorized sellers, fail to capture optimized ROAS and experience disruption across all business channels. Brands can take back control of their destiny, and vastly improve performance, with a holistic channel-control strategy that focuses on driving the majority of sales through their desired Amazon GTM strategy — whether Amazon 1P, their own 3P storefront or another authorized 3P seller — in a manner consistent with their hard-earned brand value, while simultaneously stopping unauthorized sales and improving business in traditional brick and mortar channels. In this session, Whitney Gibson will discuss each of the components brands must implement for a holistic channel-control strategy in the eCommerce age.

Speaker: Whitney Gibson, CEO, Co-Founder, Vorys eControl

3:00 — 4:00 PM

There have been growing concerns, especially in recent months, about companies’ ability to justify their valuations. This has driven a renewed focus on understanding whether businesses that may not be profitable yet have a path to profitability and, if so, how long that path might be. Daniel McCarthy will show how an award-winning customer value-driven framework can help you more accurately assess the underlying forward-looking profitability of your business and will provide actionable drivers you can leverage to accelerate your profitability in the future.

Speaker: Daniel McCarthy, Co-Founder, Theta Equity Partners; Assistant Professor, Marketing, Emory College

8:00 — 9:00 AM

Speaker: RJ Hottovy, Head of Analytical Research,

9:00 — 10:00 AM

As we move to the endemic phase of COVID-19, there are many macro-economic variables, changes in consumer behavior and spending and innovations at retail that are creating unique challenges and opportunities for the home and housewares industry. Marshal Cohen and Joe Derochowski will discuss these topics and more as we look to the future.

Speakers: Marshal Cohen, Chief Retail Advisor, The NPD Group
Joe Derochowski, Home Industry Adviser, The NPD Group

10:00 — 10:30 AM

11:30 AM — 12:30 PM

Web 3.0 is upon us. Many of the companies that were slow to onboard at the outset of the Internet, Web 1.0, embraced social media and digital marketing in Web 2.0. Today, with the changing landscape of digital engagement, data privacy, new immersive technologies and the promise of the Metaverse, organizations are eager to jump on board to Web 3.0 but they are challenged to find how their brand, products and value proposition will change with the shift to the Owner Economy.

Learn how to convert those challenges into opportunities from David Lucatch, serial entrepreneur, marketer, tech evangelist, speaker and contributor to leading publications such as Forbes, Rolling Stone and Cointelegraph. Lucatch has worked in the technology, entertainment, sports and consumer marketing arenas, simplifying the complexity of technology, marketing and the evolving digital and physical environments and helping senior executives and companies drive more value for their brands and engagement with their customers.

Speaker: David Luctatch, President & CEO, Liquid Avatar

12:30 — 1:00 PM

Speaker: Peter Giannetti, Editor-in-Chief, HomePage News

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