Innovation Theater

All Show Days
E350, Lakeside Center Lobby

The Innovation Theater is the Show’s destination for learning. Discover emerging trends and how to invigorate your new products. Each presentation is FREE to all attendees. Speakers share their knowledge of important issues in the housewares industry such as the crucial role of design, Smart Home topics, consumer lifestyle trends and new platforms for product launches.

Saturday, March 10, Innovation Theater Audio

Merchandising to the Future of Cooking: It Starts Now!

Steve Katz

2018 Trends in Coatings for Cookware, Bakeware and Small Electrics

Suzie Eberhardt and Fran Groesbeck

Global Trends for Home and Interiors, 2019

Helen Jamieson

Smart Home Mass-Market Adoption: Are We There Yet?

Lou Lenzi

The State of the Connected Kitchen

Mike Wolf

Sunday, March 11, Innovation Theater Audio

Consumer Behavior = Retail Tomorrow

Mark Mechelse, Steffan Schenk, Greg Parsons

Styles, Colors and Consumers: How to Create On-Trend, Retailer-Specific New Products

Richard Babick and Janine Michalek

Path to Purchase Around the World: How Consumers Shop for Homewares

Erika Sirimanne

The Myths of E-Commerce Design

Bryce Rutter

How a House Becomes a Home, in America

Jeevak Badve

Do I Even Need to be Here? A Human's Role in the Smart Kitchen

Carley Knobloch

Connecting the Smart Home to the Homeowner

Smart Home Panel Discussion

Paul Hatch, TEAMS Design
Rajat Shail, Honeywell
Richard Hughes, Whirlpool
John Kennelly, b8ta

Monday, March 12, Innovation Theater Audio

Grow with Urgency: Maximize Opportunities Now and Anticipate the Future

Joe Derochowski

The New American Dream: Millennials Buying Homes!

Marsha Everton

Global Growth Trends in Small Appliance Markets

Udo Jansen

Advocacy Marketing: A Comprehensive Approach to Retail

Nick Stagge

Looks Matter: Protecting and Enforcing IP in Product and Packaging Design

Christopher Carani

Housewares LIVE: How Brands Can Inspire Audiences with Live Video

Fritz Brumder

Top International Retail Trends

gia Retail Judges: Wolfgang Gruschwitz, Scott Kohno, Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen, Anne Kong

Tuesday, March 13, Innovation Theater Audio

The Shift (aka Trends) That Will Impact the Future of the Connected Home

Kevin Young

Recipe for Success: Women, Housewares and Innovation

Marie McGrath Brown

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