2015 Student Design Competition Judge Testimonials

IHA has been a strong supporter of design. The best way to raise design awareness and improve our way of living is through the support of design education. It was not only a pleasure but also a very exciting experience to participate in this year's judging.

Paul Rowan
Co-Founder, Umbra

Students show a great understanding of key user needs and always come up with ideas that align with trends in the industry and the high level of proficiency expected in design practice. The breadth and depth of the submissions show potential for innovative solutions in various product categories. It is rewarding to see the positive reaction that manufacturers, employers and the public in general have to these student projects and their high level of execution.

Alex Lobos, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
Rochester Institute of Technology

This competition gives students the opportunity to put their work in front of top people in the design field. For students, the most difficult part of transitioning into a career is how to learn what the profession expects and how they compare to their peers. This competition critiques and pushes students to show their skill. Students who meet the expectations can win. Other students receive a blueprint to help them improve. I would have loved to have participated in this competition when I was in college; part of me wants to enter next year!

Joe Fiore III
Technical Designer/Product Integrity-Quality
J.C. Penney

IHA is really providing so much more than a competition. The structure and process provides students with a wide breadth of professional mentorship and guidance at a critical moment in a student’s career path. In return, the student entries remind us all how far a good idea can take you.

Rachel Sandoval
Industrial Designer
IgniteUSA, Newell Rubbermaid

It was exciting to see students identify and grapple with problems and not only come to great solutions, but also to see how they arrived there. It’s hard for students to learn how to illustrate their thinking and seeing the various ways that can be achieved speaks to the talent level of this competition and of the participating schools. The level of work we see in this competition shows that today’s students have keen insights about product innovation and understand the impact that design can have.

Michael Werner
Industrial Designer
Wilton Brands

The IHA Student Design Competition challenges industrial design students from around the world to innovate in housewares - the most ubiquitous product category. This year’s submissions, as well as those in past years, show that students really step up to this challenge. This is evident through the trend-relevant designs, in-depth research, and well thought-out solutions that are presented at a professional level of execution.

Kieron Tse
Senior Industrial Designer
Studio One Eleven; A division of Berlin Packaging

Judging the student housewares submissions was really inspiring. You can really see their passion poured out onto the pages of their submission booklets. The late nights sketching and model building...the time they spent researching and talking to consumers...you can tell that they are really 'all-in.' The housewares industry has a lot to look forward to with these guys behind wheel.

Kaitlyn Benoit 2009 Third Place winner
Industrial Designer
KitchenAid Small Appliances
Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor, MI