Change & Challenge in the Economy of Expectations

Recorded on Monday, March 20, 2017

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Each year, Tom Mirabile (Consumer Trend Forecaster for the IHA and SVP, Global Trend & Design, Lifetime Brands) delivers his Top Trends presentation for the year ahead; exploring the consumer and retail movements that are reshaping the Housewares industry. His objective is to reveal today’s ‘real’ consumer, while educating and inspiring both retailers and manufacturers.  This year, Tom brings a two industry experts with him, ensuring fresh new insights on today’s purchaser, what excites and engages them and how attendees can use that knowledge to survive and succeed in a changing and fast-paced market.     

This Year's Top Trend Topics Include:

  • New Directions in the American Household Big changes in the way we live bring fresh challenges & opportunities
  • Rapid Growth of the Creative Class The maker goes mainstream; grow-your-own, make-your-own, and social sharing
  • Health Becomes the New Wealth The latest on a lifestyle obsession that’s changing how we work, rest, play, eat and live
  • The Reinvention of ‘Value’ How today’s consumer defines value, and how manufacturers and retailers will deliver it
  • Consumers Take Control Demand rises for innovation, differentiation, experiences, personalization & technology


Tom Mirabile
Senior Vice President
Global Trend & Design
Lifetime Brands


Peter Giannetti
HomeWorld Business and Gourmet Insider


Susan Yashinski
VP, Innovation Trends
Sphere Trending