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Show Services

Take advantage of these great services designed to make your Show experience easy and productive. From getting to the Show to getting online, we’ve thought of you and what you’ll need.

Badge Registration

There is no charge for trade participants to attend the Show for those who register before 12:01 am on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Register for Badges:

However, the International Housewares Association (IHA) does reserve the right to charge up to $500 per Trade Guest/Supplier/ Financial Institution for their badge and limit the number of badges per company to five (5), solely at its discretion, to enhance the quality and overall experience of the Show for all participants. IHA also reserves the right to make changes, as necessary, to the category of badge registration-type submitted by an individual or a company as a whole. Should it be necessary to change the registration type after their request has been submitted via telephone, fax, email or website, a representative of IHA will contact the individual or company, requesting payment of the amount due. Should a charge be imposed, payment must be submitted in advance of receiving a badge.

Buyers Clubs

Buyers and News Media have special areas at the Show just for them! Take advantage of the complimentary food and beverages, concierge service, internet service, charging stations and a Housewares Connect 365 kiosk. While taking a break from the floor, view the latest products from exhibitors and the IHA Global Innovation Award finalists in the New Product Showcases. The lounges are available in:

  • Lakeside Center, Exhibit Floor (near Booth L11355)
  • North Building, Level 3, Exhibit Floor (near Booth N8557)
  • South Building, Level 3, Exhibit Floor (near Booth S4467)

Coat and Luggage Check

Complimentary coat and luggage check is available in each building at McCormick Place.

Day & Times:
Saturday 7:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday 7:00 am - 7:30 pm
Monday 7:00 am - 7:30 pm
Tuesday 6:30 am - 7:00 pm

Locations are:
Lakeside Center: E256
North Building: N139
South Building: S102 & Gate 4

MyLeads - Lead Retrieval Program

Remembering what booths you visited at The Inspired Home Show® will be easier than ever with MyLeads - Lead Retrieval Program. Exhibitors who participate in the program will scan the badges of all buyers who visit their booth. After the Show, buyers will receive an email with a link to a listing of all the booths they visited, helping to facilitate post-Show follow-up.

Housewares Connect 365

Get connected to The Inspired Home Show® year round! In advance of the Show, create a list of exhibitors that you need to visit, keep up on the latest Show events, receive messages from exhibitors, and access that personal briefcase of information while you’re at the physical Show. If you’re looking for a particular product or exhibit, simply type in the product name, category or company name, and you’ll find exactly where it’s located on the exhibit floor. Housewares Connect 365 allows you to search for exhibitors, search for specific products or check your Internet-based e-mail. Housewares Connect 365/E-mail Stations are available in all three buildings.

Show Mobile App

Did you know the Show has its own Mobile App? Designed for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, the mobile app will allow you to experience the Show year-round and:

  • Search companies, products, categories and brands
  • View product images, catalogs and links to YouTube videos
  • Download Show floor maps
  • Utilize all forms of social media, and more!

2019 Mobile App

International Business Center

Near Booth S3677
South Building

The International Business Center offers all international visitors general Show information, e-mail access, free internet access via WiFi, refreshments and hospitality areas.

IHRA Hospitality and Business Center

Room S101b, Level 1 South Building

Members of the International Housewares Representatives Association are invited to stop by the IHRA Hospitality and Business Center for refreshments and to use the services offered, including Lines Available, a message center and tables for meetings. Manufacturers and non-member reps are also invited to stop in to learn about this association for home, housewares and hardware reps and its services, which include a referral service for manufacturers seeking reps and reps seeking lines.

Exhibit Floor Meeting Rooms

Complimentary meeting rooms are located on the exhibit floor of each building and are available to registered exhibitors and retailers. During the Show, see the receptionist outside of each meeting room to determine availability. Exact locations of meeting rooms are depicted on the floor plans.

To reserve a room before the Show, contact Dawn Wittmann at or +1-847-692-0140.

Show Offices

Room N426a/b (above the Grand Concourse Lobby)
North Building
Onsite Tel: +1-312-791-6600

Visa Letters

Attendees who require a visa to enter the U.S. should complete visa questions when registering for the Show. A Visa Letter can be automatically sent via email. Attendees who require a hand-signed document, can also make this request during the registration process.

Find Out if You Require a Visa

Free Shuttle Bus Service

The Show's FREE shuttle bus service transports attendees between the hotels and McCormick Place on Show days. Shuttle bus service is available in all three buildings. View shuttle schedule and routes.

Free Metra Train

Take advantage of Metra—a nine-minute ride from McCormick Place to Randolph Street. The train also stops at Van Buren Street. Cabs are available at both stops to take you to your final destination.

The McCormick Place train station is located under the South Building and can be accessed from the Grand Concourse on Level 2.5. Your complimentary train pass is included in the Transportation Guide mailed with your Show badge and will also be available on-site. View the Metra Train service schedule.

Free WiFi

The International Housewares Association provides complimentary limited wireless service (WiFi) throughout the McCormick Place facility, including exhibit halls and lobbies. This complimentary service should ONLY be used for non-mission-critical applications such as general web surfing and Internet-based email access. Availability of the WiFi Internet service is subject to to the volume of usage.

Accommodations for the Physically Challenged

Wheelchairs, information booths, designated parking, TDD telephones and other services are available. McCormick Place is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and continues to look for ways to accommodate all visitors. For questions regarding accommodations for the physically challenged, please call Scootaround at +1-888-441-7575 or +1-204-982-0657. To view their services online, click here. For questions about designated parking, call Standard Parking Hotline at +1-312-567-8360.

Attendee Code of Conduct

For the safety and security of all Show attendees, we ask your cooperation with the following Show policies:

The Inspired Home Show® is for trade only. Individuals who cannot document their direct, professional affiliation to the trade will not be admitted.

McCormick Place is a smoke-free facility, including exhibit halls, meeting rooms, lobbies, food service areas, hallways and parking garages. There are designated smoking areas outside of the North and South Buildings and Lakeside Center. Attendees are not allowed to bring any photographic equipment on the exhibit floor or take photos of any booth or product unless approved by the exhibitor. Unauthorized photography of any exhibit or product is prohibited and may result in the confiscation of film, memory cards and cameras as well as expulsion from the Show.

As a safety issue, use of strollers and/or luggage carts are prohibited on the exhibit floor at any time. On Show days only, individuals under the age of 18 are admitted free of charge, but must be registered as a Trade Guest and accompanied by an adult at all times. A parent or guardian must accept responsibility for the safety and behavior of children.

Only Buyers and Manufacturer Reps are allowed to leave the exhibit floor with product. Trade Guests are not allowed to remove product from the Show floor. All Trade Guests are admitted to the Show as guests of the industry and are asked to respect the wishes of exhibitors and buyers as they conduct their business. The buying of product is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitor Code of Conduct

Rules by which every exhibitor must abide.

Given the reasons for exhibiting at the Show, outside activities or meetings by any housewares company during Show hours that would draw attendance away from the exhibit floor or McCormick Place are prohibited. Exhibiting companies that cancel their booth space and want to attend the Show must cancel their hotel meeting rooms and McCormick Place meeting rooms, return their Exhibitor Badges and re-register as "Trade Guests." Non-exhibiting companies are prohibited from conducting any meetings including retailer and supply chain meetings, during the Show period, including move-in, Show days and move-out. Violators may be suspended from exhibiting or attending all future Shows. The International Housewares Association (IHA) reserves the right to charge $500 per Trade Guest Supplier badge and limit the number of badges per company to five (5), solely at its discretion, to enhance the quality and overall experience of the Show for all participants. IHA also reserves the right to make changes, as necessary, to the category of badge registration type submitted by an individual or company. Should it be necessary to change the registration type after the request has been submitted by any means, a representative of IHA will contact the individual or company and request payment of the amount due. Should a charge be imposed, payment must be submitted in advance of receiving a badge. If payment is not received, IHA reserves the right to cancel all hotel rooms and meeting rooms.

IHA reserves the right to charge Suppliers/Financial Institutions/Investment Companies $500 per badge and limit the number of badges per company to five (5), solely at its discretion, to enhance the quality and overall experience of the Show for all participants.

IHA reserves the right to charge Trade Guests $100 per badge and limit the number of badges per company to five (5), solely at its discretion, to enhance the quality and overall experience of the Show for all participants. Unauthorized photography of any exhibit or product is prohibited and may result in expulsion from the Show. Unauthorized photography includes videotaping or photographing another exhibitor's booth or product without the exhibitor's permission at any time. Exhibitors are required to monitor their own booth areas and should notify IHA or security immediately of any unauthorized photography. Arrangements can be made to have your exhibit photographed and videotaped with the recommended Show photographer. Upon request, IHA will also provide exhibitors with "no photography" signs to be placed in their booth. Be considerate of other exhibitors. Under no circumstance should you enter any other exhibitor's display area uninvited or when unattended.

Interference with, or disruption of, another exhibitor's personnel or legitimate activities is prohibited. Exhibitors are not permitted to behave in a manner which, in the sole discretion of IHA, is objectionable. You must comply with all additional rules established by IHA. If you have any questions concerning your exhibit or activities within your booth, please contact IHA.

Exhibitors and their company representatives must wear their official identification badges at all times while on the Show floor and in meeting rooms. These badges are issued for protection and identification and must not be loaned or given to other persons. Badges should not be accepted or worn if they do not accurately represent the exhibitor’s identity or company. Do not discard your badges in common areas or facility receptacles. This will prevent unauthorized attendees from assuming your identity to remove product from the Show floor. Also, refrain from bringing Show badges for personnel who are not attending the Show. Badges must be obtained through the Show’s authorized registration company only. Unauthorized badges that are manufactured or copied will be confiscated; violators may be barred from the Show premises. Exhibitors are prohibited from ordering exhibitor badges for anyone other than their company representatives exhibiting in the booth. Exhibitors may not order badges for Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors and manufacturer’s reps. Exhibiting companies that cancel their booth space must return their Exhibitor badges to IHA. If a refund is due, it will not be issued until all badges are returned. If cancelled companies want to attend the Show, they must register as trade guests. Demonstrators must be properly clothed at all times and must confine their activities to their exhibit space.

Demonstrations and distribution of promotional materials in aisles and common areas is prohibited. Exhibitor's sound level shall not be disruptive and/or interfere with the ability of any and all adjacent exhibitors and exhibit areas to exhibit.

Any raffles, prize drawings or promotional contests of any kind must be approved by IHA in writing prior to the Show. The selling of product is strictly prohibited. Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle their exhibits or do any packing before 3:01 p.m. on the last day of the Show.

If observed tearing down early, the exhibitor may be subject to a series of substantial fees and/or other penalties including.


Follow these steps when exhibitor code of conduct violations occur:

The following is a list of steps for exhibitors to take on-site when they encounter an Exhibitor Code of Conduct violation. Exhibitors are cautioned against taking the matter into their own hands with the use of force or threats of force. There is less exposure for company or personal liability if the matter is turned over to IHA staff and Show Security.

1. If a violation occurs, such as a theft from the exhibitor's booth or unauthorized photography of the booth or its contents, attempt to stop the violation by talking to the violator. It is critical to identify the violator and write down the violator's name and company information.

2. Immediately contact the floor manager, security personnel or an IHA representative to report the incident.

3. If the violator attempts to leave the scene before a floor manager, security personnel or an IHA representative arrives at the booth, do not use physical means to restrain the violator. If the violator has not yet been identified, continue trying to do so. This may involve following the violator to see if he or she goes to his or her own company's booth, which may help later to identify the violator.

4. When a floor manager, security personnel or an IHA representative arrives at the booth, explain the incident, providing as many details as possible about the violator's identity, company and violation. Ask for a copy of the Violation Notice or Show Security Incident Report and keep it for future reference in connection with any disciplinary action by IHA staff or IHA's Board of Directors.

5. If more information about the violation or the identity of the violator is obtained later during the Show, give it to a floor manager, security personnel or an IHA representative.


Over the past few years we have received complaints from a number of exhibitors concerning the distraction that some trade guests create on the Show floor

To address those complaints IHA will be taking a few steps to pre-qualify those guests on the floor.

  • We have identified the roles of those guests that exhibitors have told us create the greatest challenges and will be charging them a $100 badge fee. Their badge will identify them as “Trade Guests” and will have a yellow stripe at the bottom.
  • For those less distracting guests such as students or designers, they will be able to enter without charge. Their badge will identify them as “Industry Affiliate” with a clear stripe at the bottom.

Many of you have told us that you invite your third party providers to meet with you at the Show. Please make certain that you notify them that they will be charged if they fit the definition of “Trade Guest.”

Each “Trade Guest” and “Industry Affiliate” has been instructed to be respectful of each exhibitor’s time. They are aware that your primary reason for exhibiting is to reach out to the retailing and buying community. If you would like to review our Trade Guest Code of Conduct, please visit our website at

In the event that you are approached by any of these guests at the Show and you believe that they may offer something of value to your organization, but do not wish to speak to them in your booth, you may prepare a version of the letter shown below. This will instruct these potential suppliers on the most efficient way to contact the appropriate person in your company after the Show.

If any of these guests do not abide by the Trade Guest Code of Conduct, please let us know by emailing the name of the guest to Connie Chantos at

Trade Guest Code of Conduct

The primary business of attendees of The Inspired Home Show® is the buying and selling of products for the home.

We ask you, who are invited to attend the Show as guests of the housewares industry, to respect the primary activity of all attendees.

Please schedule all exhibitor meetings in advance of the Show. Even if you have an appointment, if exhibitors have a meeting in progress, please respect their privacy. If exhibitors are not engaged with buyers, make certain that they are still able to meet at your scheduled time. Other things to remember:

Removal of product samples from the exhibit hall is strictly prohibited.

Food samples offered by exhibitors are intended for their buyer customers. Cameras and video equipment are prohibited.

As a safety consideration, wheeled carts and luggage are prohibited on the Show floor. Please use the complimentary coat and luggage check.

There is no smoking allowed inside the convention center. Trade guests should not enter a booth unless invited by exhibitor personnel.