Important Update for Exhibitors
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The Booth Design award is the newest member of the Global Innovation Awards (gia) family. The Booth Design Award honors exhibiting companies who display their stand in the best way possible. Participants have the opportunity to earn recognition and media exposure for their booth presentation. Booths are judged on the following criteria by an expert panel of judges, including: lighting, prop use, background, colors/textures, graphics, display fixtures, product placement, cohesive presentation, and general presentation.

At the invitation-only gia gala on Saturday evening at the Show, IHA announces the Global Honorees for their award-winning booths .

Products are evaluated on the following criteria: Lighting
Is there a creative combination of work/task with ambient lighting, and appropriate use of light beams pointed on the product to best highlight the goods?

Prop Use
Do the props enhance the display to further tell a marketing story and message? How successful would the booth display be if the props were removed? (Litmus test demonstrating the strength of the prop within the stand)

Background Colors/Textures
Are the textures and colors a strong departure from the baseline of the booth package’s white and smooth texture? Or is the basic booth package leveraged in such a way that the company stands out from its neighbors within the same aisle?

Do the text and images coordinate well with the overall marketing voice of the booth? Is there a sense of newness in the forefront of the presentation which educates the buyer within the first few seconds?

Display Fixtures
How is the furniture selection placed to best show off the goods to enhance an increase in sales, transactions and orders? Are there unique fixtures that best compliment the merchandise mix?

Product Placement
Is the merchandise placed strategically within the booth to highlight newness, and according to how orders are taken? Is the product placement understood by the buyer? Will they understand how it will merchandise in their store? Will they understand, through the way it is placed in your booth, if the product will move in their retail setting?

Cohesive Presentation
Do the company’s marketing message and the booth design speak with one voice? Does the display within the booth inspire the buyer to see what the items would look like in the store?

General Presentation
Are cords tucked in, no empty boxes showing, office spaces tidy? Is there a sense of following all show rules and demonstrating polite neighbor etiquette? Are company representatives greeting buyers with a smile?  

Every booth is eligible to participate. For full details on booth judging criteria and to sign up for best-in-booth design award consideration please see below.