Housewares Credit Group

International Housewares Association and RiemerPlus have partnered to form the Housewares Credit Group (HCG). The HCG will assist in identifying credit risk, continuously monitor your customer base for emerging delinquency, and provide a platform for sharing critical credit information and networking opportunities with fellow members. All while carefully adhering to anti-trust regulations.

HCG provides access to retail credit reports and networking opportunities with credit managers from the home + housewares industry.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Manage Risk & Avoid Bad Debt:
    • View Riemer reports on new and existing customers to see if they are past due or current with other suppliers BEFORE you extend open terms
  • Networking Opportunities:
    • Interact and collaborate with peers to share best practices and payment experience on key customers
  • Customized Dashboard:
    • Identify potential risk through usage of Accounts Receivable Management Tools
  • Unlimited Credit Reports:
    • View as many Riemer reports as you need and only pay a one-time minimal annual fee
  • Educational Programs:
    • Receive invitation to all Educational Webinars and Seminars

Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Riemer Credit Reports
  • Unlimited Users
  • Flash alerts
  • Customized user dashboard based on member’s accounts receivable
  • Attendance at the RiemerPlus meetings and other events
    • Pulse Ratings analytical insights at all meetings
  • Member networking across all industries
  • Payment experience sharing tools
  • Educational programs
  • Interactive Heat Map
  • Resale Certificate Library
  • Document Vault

On-Demand Access:

You will gain access to a dashboard that reports out on every account in your portfolio in real-time. Evaluate creditworthiness based on recent behavior with other similar accounts.

Reports, Updates and Timely Alerts on Creditors in the Industry based on Aggregated Information:

Get notified immediately by other Riemer members when your customers are placed for collection, put on credit hold or any other actionable items so that you can flag potential issues for your accounts receivable.

(Additional Cost) Pulse Ratings analysts will deep dive into the financial health & wealth of national retailers and give you straightforward, easy to read reporting that includes the following:

One-one-one presentations and complimentary trial periods are available from the Riemer+ team to explain the materials to which members have access.


The Housewares Credit Group (HCG) - Inaugural Credit Meeting
November 18, 2021, 12 PM (CST) - Virtual Meeting