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Fan manufacturers around the world know that there's nothing like the cool breeze of a fan circulating through the humidity of a room. However, most consumers do not want to have to sit in one spot to feel its affects, or shout over the clattering of a motor. When you're looking to provide the latest fan technology, look no further than the innovative products from these modern fan manufacturers. Among many other household gadgets, these fan manufacturers provide tower fans, stand fans, box fans, window fans, ceiling fans, and wall fans. Let your customers feel the natural breeze from these high-tech fans, available through these popular manufacturers.

Akust Technology Co., Ltd
Ayla Networks
Benross Marketing Ltd
BONECO North America Corp.
Brentwood Appliances, Inc.
CE North America LLC
Comfort Home USA/DGL Group
Crane USA, Inc.
Force Manner Co., Ltd.
Frieling USA, Inc.
GreenTech Environmental
Grupo Anavia S.A. de C.V.
Home Easy U.S.A
InvenTel Products
JMATEK North America LLC
Konwin Inc.
Lasko Products, LLC
LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
Midea America Corp.
Museo Sprl
Mytek International, Inc.
NewAir LLC
Objecto / Hatzlachh Supply Inc.
Optimus Enterprise, Inc.
Pinco Sodahome Co.
Rejuvenate / Air Innovations / For Life Products
Rowenta, Groupe SEB USA
Samsonic Trading
Seville Classics Inc.
Shop-Vac Corp.
Soleus Air West
Suney Tech (Harbin) Co., Ltd.
Supply Chain Sources LLC
Swizz Style, Inc.
Taurus Group
Value Max Products
Viatek Consumer Products Group, Int'l.
Westinghouse Electric

Whether your customers are looking to cool down an entire house or just their favorite spot in the living room, you are sure to find the range of products you need from these international fan manufacturers. You will find technologies ranging from finger-safe blades to 3-speed fans to oscillating fans to remote controls to electronic timers. Rise above the competition and see what the best in the fan business have to offer!