Educational Audio Programs

Audio (for select presentations) were recorded at the International Home + Housewares Show.

2019 Keynotes

Color in the New Era: Trends, Twists and Tweaks

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman

Color/Texture/Finish: Back to the Future

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman

2019 Innovation Theater Presentations

Designing for Relevance in the Attention Economy

Jeff Mau and Tod Szewczyk

Global Home and Interior Trends for 2020

Naomi Pollard

Health and Wellness in the Age of Instagram

Kim Kirchherr

Leverage Trends to Trigger Transactions: Motivate Shoppers to Buy Your Products

Brian Gracon

The Changing World of Immersive Retail: Creating a Compelling Brand Experience

Jennifer Nemec

What's Your Tariff Strategy? Time to Bring Back Manufacturing to the U.S.?

Rosemary Coates

The American Living Survey: Five Years of Design & Lifestyle Trends

Richard Babick and Janine Michalek

Omnichannel Impact on Housewares: Havoc or Opportunity?

Peter Greene

Breaking Down the Walls of Innovation: Secrets to Meaningful Product Development

Rob Van Varick

Home Appliances and Emerging Trends - A Global View Today

Norbert Herzog

2022 - An Innovation Odyssey

Joe Derochowski

A Member of the Family: How to Build Brand Loyalty in the Connected Home Market

Carley Knobloch

Meet the Parents - Millennials!

Marsha Everton and Whitney Ryan

Alexa, How Do I Promote My Housewares Brand Online?

Francis Skipper

Mintel 2019 Household Trend: Happy Healthy Home

Rebecca Cullen

A Smarter Tomorrow: Designing a Connected Home with Meaning


Kelly Clark
John Anderson
Edward Laganis

Jump Start Your Digital Commerce: Understanding Today's Consumer Journey

Terri Pucin

Innovative Retail Trends 2019

gia Retail Judges

Wolfgang Gruschwitz
Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen
Scott Kohno
Anne Kong

Succeeding in Today's Market: the Future of Independent Retailing

Carol Schroeder

Designing Products that Promote Better Health

McKayla Barber

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