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Monkey Business Design USA


discover design
900 Merchants Concourse
Ste 211
Westbury NY 11590

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Phone: 972-3-5283808
Fax: (516)248-4518
TollFree: (855)444-7801

US Contact

Chartaye Thompson

Non-US Contact

Lior Kaufman

Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994, providing fresh perspectives o ... more

Photos & Videos:

  • Pepo - Watermelon slicer
  • Elli - Rolling coins bank
  • Bready Made – a bread cutter for creative meals
  • Karoto
  • Clippa
  • Tipsi - bottle pourer & Stedi - hands free funnel
  • Nature Sabre-sword creator
  • Sports Huevos- Egg Shapers
  • Spredo-Butter spreader
  • La Bella - Label Bands system
  • Gifted - Elastic gift wrap
  • PENNELI - Garlic peeler http://www.monkeybusiness.co.il/penneli-garlic-peeler/
  • The Corkers
  • Morris Memo Holder
  • corkers robots
  • eco clip Notebook - http://www.monkeybusiness.co.il/ecoclip/
  • Maple Leaf pancake shaper.
Take your pancake creations to new heights with our revolutionary pancake mold. 
Follow the instructions for expert pancake art that looks as good as it tastes. 
And don’t forget the maple syrup!

Made of Silicone
17.5X16.8X1.8 cm
Dishwasher safe
  • Our new series of Corkers boldly goes where no Corker has gone before.
Explore the final frontier with the help of a bottle of wine and these collectibles.

Made  of Plastic & steel
Each set includes the body parts required for one Corker (Cork not included)
  • For a perfect cup of tea, use a biscuit that never gets soggy. 
Fill the biscuit shaped infuser with your favorite blend of tea and leave to soak in hot water. 
Made of Silicone and Stainless Steel. 
12x20x2 cm
  • The latest addition to our hugely successful Pasta products range:
A spaghetti shaped serving spoon.
Made of Plastic
33.4X6.1X4.5 cm
Heat resistant, up to 120°C 248°F
Dishwasher safe
  • For Absorbing Fridge Odours. Just add Baking Soda!

Fill with baking soda and place in your refrigerator to absorb unwanted smells.
Replace the baking soda when you feel it is no longer effective.
Made of Plastic & Silicon
Dim.: 10.1X6.5X5.3 cm
  • A baby elephant bank for storing change. 
Just roll the coins along Elli’s trunk and they will collect until needed. 
Great for teaching young children to save their pennies.
Made of Plastic 
  • Connect Ginger to your computer screen and use his tail for hanging accessories such as headphones, keys, cables – anything you want within reach of your computer.

Connects to surface with adhesive tape, included.
Made of Plastic 
  • We all approach the kitchen sink dreading what might await us there…
Add some playfulness to your daily chore with this Sharkfin strainer that will appear out of the deep as the water drains
Made of Silicone
11x11x1.1 cm
Dishwasher safe
  • Keep leftover lemon halves, onions and such so they remain fresh and don’t fill your refrigerator with unwanted smells.

Made of Plastic
Dishwasher safe
  • Give your cookies a hug!
Squirrel shaped cookie cutter.
For deluxe cookies, use your favourite recipe and just fold Skippy’s hands so they grasp an almond,  cashew or any small nut.
Made of Plastic
6.8X6.8X2 cm
Dishwasher safe
  • Where to lay that hot pot lid so it doesn’t get in the way or make a mess?
The Mario lid holder is designed to hold different sized pot lids leaving your worktop clean and your hands free for cooking and serving – Looks the part too with classic chef’s moustache.
Made of: Plastic & metal wire 
  • Reduce the mess and increase the fun! 
A new, eco-friendly shape for your watermelon slices.

Made of Plastic & stainless steal
Dishwasher safe
  • Create mushroom shapes from radishes.
Add some fantasy to your finger foods and surprise your guests!
Made of Plastic
10.2X60X1.7 cm
Dishwasher safe
  • A Ribbon is worth a thousand words.
Transform anything into a gift with these flexible silicon ribbon bands.
An easy to use, decorative addition to traditional giftwrap or simply place a ribbon directly onto an object and watch it become “Gifted” spontaneously.

Made of Silicone
Pack includes 10 assorted colour bands in two sizes:
5pcs x 5cm
5pcs x 8cm
  • Draw a variety of beautiful landscapes with the help of this magical ruler.
The latest addition to our Skyline Ruler range departs the urban settings of its predecessors and heads into the wild. 
Hours of creative fun for children and for adults!

Made of Plastic
  • Attach to your keys or day bag and never be without!
We all want to do better for the environment, right?
Well - reducing our use of disposable bags is now easier than ever.
Have Ta-Da! with you at all times and pull your shopping bag out of a hat as if by magic!

Silicone Hat, Metal chain & clip & Polyester bag
7.5X7.5X5.6 cm
Water resistant bag
Holds up to 20kg \ 44 lbs
  • Creative bread cutter.
Toast cutter for egg-in-the-basket creations.
As every parent knows – sometimes children require persuading to eat up….
Adding some fun and creativity to dinner will usually help with this.
Our unique cutter will transform your ‘egg in the basket’ into a variety of animals / landscapes – guaranteed to grab your child’s attention and focus them on the food that’s on their plate.

Made of Plastic
Dishwasher safe
  • Bring your dinner party and your corks to life with these cute collectables.
Take a trip down memory lane with the help of our classic toys series and a bottle of wine
  • Available in 6 designs: Monkey, Deer, Buffalo, Bear, Bunny & Crow
  • Lid Sid will keep the covers of your pots and pans open when they need some air, and will raise smiles whenever you use him
  • Modesto will hold your hand towel in place so it is just where you need it Cover up lad!
  • Farfalle shaped silicone for gripping hot handles in the kitchen
Buon appetito!
  • Besides looking wise, Archie is also a fantastically functional fowl
With his scissor eyes and a back pack to hold your nail file, clippers and more, he will be
watching. waiting.
  • Screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, all combined in this tiny hair clip.
A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go!
  • A hair clip for all occasions
Bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver, nail file, box opener, serrated knife - all combined in this tiny hair clip!
  • A hair clip for all occasions
Bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver, nail file - all combined in this tiny hair clip!
  • A pair of toothbrush hangers that will spread a tranquil feel throughout your bathroom and add a hint of magic to the air.

Made of Plastic
8.1x7.5x4 cm


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