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TAO Clean


wired + well
4490 Von Karman Ave
Ste 150
Newport Beach CA 92660

Email general company email

Phone: (218)382-5326
Fax: (949)861- 6344

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Simon Ghahary

US Contact

Ryan Mongan

Non-US Contact

Simon Ghahary

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Marcus Hatcher

Consumer Contact

Simon Ghahary

The words TAO Clean, short for ‘The Art Of Clean’ is our mantra that motivates us to create offering ... more

Photos & Videos:

  • The Aura Clean System 360 degree UVC and Dryer
  • Introducing the Aura Clean System - The ultimate oral care cleaning experience. Our Aura Clean System delivers cleaning, drying and charging as part of its routine, allowing the brush ready for use when you are.
  • The Aura Clean System - Our lifestyle tools are inherently protected from environmental pollutants. Just sit back and we'll do the rest.
  • The Aura Clean System - Born through understanding the user experience, our solutions are based on removing superfluous tasks and inconvenient steps to reach high standards of cleanliness. Clean, Protected and Ready
  • The road to the creation of the World’s cleanest facial brush wasn’t an easy one. 
The bathroom landscape is fraught with challenges. We realized that with even the most technically advanced facial brush out there, if you are using a filthy facial brush on your face, it isn’t living up to its intended use. If anything it encourages nasty elements to help create or prolong bad skin and acne.
  • The Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush comfortably cleanses using a powerful orbital action to do the hard work. Once finished, just drop the brush into the gentle curves of the Aura Clean Station and a UV sterilizer ring bathes all sides of the facial brush head in pathogen blasting UV-C rays. This kills 99.9+% of all germs.


  • TAO Clean
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