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Magisso North America


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PO Box 192
Weaverville NC 28787

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Phone: (856)904-8259

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Anssi Hurme

US Contact

Sue Pregartner

Non-US Contact

Juhani Siren

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Nicole Bush

Consumer Contact

Sue Pregartner

Magisso - Home Smart Home - The most awarded design company in Finland in recent years.

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Photos & Videos:

  • Happy Pet Project by Magisso
  • Magisso Cake Server
  • Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramics
  • Magisso: Finland - Home Smart Home
  • Magisso Cool-ID Tumbler
  • The awarded Magisso Teacup -- New 4 pastel colors available
  • Magisso BULB Citrus Reamer goes Mojito!
  • Magisso Carton Cooler
  • Magisso Serving Set
  • Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder
  • The Magisso Happy Pet Project includes 3 slow eating bowls and 2 naturally cooling water bowls. The slow eating bowls cause the pet to eat around the 3D shape helping them feel full while eating less. Paced eating prevents indigestion and bloating. The prolonged chewing helps the pets dental hygiene by producing more saliva and promoting healthy gums and teeth. The naturally cooling water bowl provides the pet with water that is clean, cold and fresh.  Soak the bowl in water for 60 seconds to activate the naturally cooling effect. The bowl will stay cool for hours keeping the food fresh and eliminating bacterial contamination.
  • The Magisso Pino Glassware Collection is fully stackable to make storing and service more efficient. Each piece is balanced for extra stability and better user experience. The Magisso Pino Glassware is mouth blown by a classic Finnish glass maker Muurla with decades of experience and expertise. The Magisso Pino Glassware is made of lead-free crystalline for maximum clarity and durability. Dishwater safe.
  • The awarded Magisso Cooling Ceramics innovation is now extended to the prestigious White Line collection that fits perfectly with any elegant table setting. The beautiful White Line collection will bring more elegance and harmonious atmosphere to your table. 
Just soak the Cooling Ceramics in water for 60 seconds to start the cooling effect. The Magisso Cooling Ceramics will keep everything you are serving fresh and cool up to 3-4 hours – without ice or a freezer. 
For special occasions you can also write on the non-slip surface with normal chalk. The Magisso Cooling Ceramics is food safe and suitable for dishwasher.  
Designed for Magisso by Simon Stevens.
  • The beautifully shaped Butter Knife is the perfect tool for all your favorite spreads. The blade is shaped to spread everything from butter to cream cheese and jams evenly, in just a few movements. When placing the knife upright on its side, the blade will not touch the table - no sticky marks on your table cloth. Made from premium stainless steel with a classy mat finish. Designed for Magisso by Maria Kivijärvi.
  • The Magisso line of kitchen cloth holders embodies Finnish design. A beautiful, hygienic and stylish way to store your kitchen cloth, out of sight yet within easy reach.  Thanks to its patented double magnet system, it’s easy to install and will stay in place - out of sight yet within easy reach.
  • Winner of the Red Dot award 2010. Style meets function in this unique object that simplifies the task of cutting and moving a piece of cake in one action.  By pressing down on the cake with the cake server, you can cut a perfect piece of cake.  By lightly squeezing the handle, you can lift and then release the cake on your guest’s plate. The Magisso Cake Server was designed by Maria Kivijärvi.
  • Enjoy your teatime easily and nicely with Magisso Teacup. Thanks to the triangle bottom, it is easy to adjust the strength of tea depending on your taste without making a mess. Place your favorite loose tea in the filter of the Magisso Teacup, pour hot water until the leaves are covered- let the brewing begin. When the tea is perfect to your taste, tilt the angled base and the brewing will stop. No need to remove the tea leaves. Just drink and enjoy the warmth and the natural fragrance of the tea as they enhance the experience.
  • The highly functional Magisso Serving Set continues the unique form of the Red Dot awarded Magisso Cake Server. Each product is made of premium, mirrored stainless steel and is suitable for various pies and cheeses. Design: Maria Kivijärvi
  • The Magisso Color Sinkware offer a series of smart magnetic holders that allow you to store your kitchen cloth, your dish brush or your sponge directly inside the sink. Store all your kitchen cleaning products hygienically and out of sight!



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