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clean + contain
4410 N Ravenswood
Ste 102
Chicago IL 60640

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Phone: (773)252-0710
Fax: (773)736-1144
TollFree: (888)973-9288

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Lauren Greenwood

US Contact

Tammy McHenry

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Tammy McHenry

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Tammy McHenry

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Vikki Pike

YouCopia creates innovative home organization products to help you simplify and enjoy life.
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Photos & Videos:

  • YouCopia Chef's Edition SpiceStack® How-To Demonstration
  • YouCopia StoreMore™ CookwareRack How-To Demonstration
  • YouCopia StoreMore™ 17
  • YouCopia Crazy Susan® 11
  • YouCopia StoreMore™ WrapStand How-To Demonstration
  • YouCopia 24-Bottle SpiceSteps® How-To Demonstration
  • Organize heavy pans, platters and lids – including cast iron – in the lower cabinet or pantry. Featuring six steel wire dividers that can be adjusted for a perfect fit, so consumers can easily find and remove one item at a time. Maximize space!
  • The patent-pending design features adjustable legs so clearance height can be set from 5.25” to 7.5” in ¼” increments. Perfectly fits cups, glasses, plates and food items to organize and maximize cabinet space. Available in 13
  • SpiceSteps is an easy, affordable way to organize spices in the kitchen cabinet. Maximize storage space with four tiers instead of the standard three. Includes 96 labels for the tops of bottles to find and reach spices in a snap. Available in 24-Bottle and 12-Bottle sizes.
  • The WrapStand organizes foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper in the cabinet or pantry. Adjustable wire holders can be positioned to perfectly fit boxes. Remove one wrap at a time or carry like a caddy. It also makes a great plastic bag dispenser! Design finalist for the 2016 IHA Innovation Award in Home Organization & Storage.
  • The StoreMore Bakeware Rack maximizes cabinet or pantry space by vertically organizing your bakeware, cookie sheets, cutting boards and more. It features seven adjustable dividers to perfectly fit items so they stay upright and easy to retrieve. Coated steel wires won't pop out or scratch pans during use, but can be easily adjusted to customize your storage space.  The base of the rack centers round pans so they don't roll out. Four foft, non-slip feet keep everything firmly in place. Remove and replace one item at a time while cooking.
  • The StoreMore Lid Holder features seven adjustable dividers to perfectly organize your pot and pan lids in a lower kitchen cabinet or pantry. Strong, coated steel wires won't pop out or scratch lids during use, but can be easily adjusted to customize your storage space. The base centers round lids to prevent them from rolling around in the cabinet. Four soft, non-slip feet keep the Lid Holder firmly in place. Remove and replace one item at a time while cooking. Set-up is quick and easy; no mounting or installation required.
  • Store oils, vinegars, spices and bottles on this 11” turntable designed to maximize and organize your cabinet space. It features a backstop that prevents bottles from falling off into dark corners. Steel ball bearings provide smooth 360° rotation.
  • The Crazy Susan 16” Turntable helps you see and reach everything in your kitchen cabinet or pantry.  Organize oils, vinegars, spices and more. Four pie-shaped drawers slide out and rotate side-to-side so you can easily retrieve items from the tray’s center. A large 16-inch diameter maximizes space inside corner cabinets, under sink, on a table or in the pantry. Stainless steel ball bearings provide smooth 360° rotation. No installation or assembly required.
  • SpiceLiner is an easy, affordable storage solution that allows you to build a customized spice drawer. The 18” length fits standard kitchen drawers. Lay a strip flat in your drawer and place round or square spice bottles on top for easy viewing and accessibility. Soft foam prevents bottles from moving when the drawer is opened and closed.  SpiceLiner keeps bottles in place with labels facing up for quick selection. Easy to remove for cleaning with no adhesive required.
  • The Chef's Edition SpiceStack is the best-selling and highest-capacity version available. Store and organize 30 spice bottles from the grocery store in your kitchen cabinet. A patented design features three drawers that pull out and lower to resting position at eye-level for quick and easy selection of spices. Includes 96 drawer labels for extra organization.  Top-rated and loved by customers everywhere! Also available in 24, 18, and 12-Bottle sizes.
  • StoraStack is a unique solution for storing and organizing food containers in a kitchen drawer. Two clip dispensers hold containers in place and individual slots store matching lids upright so everything stays tidy and easy to find. The StoraStack is designed to work with plastic food containers from top grocery store brands like Ziploc® & Glad®.  No mounting or permanent installation required. Design winner of the 2015 IHA Innovation Award in Home Organization & Storage.
  • The TeaStand is the only cabinet organizer for tea! Store 100+ tea bags in the dark, dry cabinet to protect flavors and clear box clutter. Compact unit is just over 5 inches wide and stands anywhere to make a great display. Design finalist for the 2013 IHA Innovation Award in Home Organization & Storage.
  • The Original SpiceStack holds 18 full-size or 36 half-size spice
bottles in the
kitchen cabinet. Turn a jumbled pile of spices into an organized
system that fits in just over 8
  • The CoffeeStack® is a clever organizer that saves valuable counter space by storing 40 K-Cups® in your kitchen cabinet.  Four drawers pull out and lower to resting position, so you can easily locate and reach your coffee of choice.  Less than 6 inches wide, the CoffeeStack fits all kitchen cabinets.
  • The PodStack is a brilliant solution for organizing 50 pods in less than 5” of cabinet space. Five drawers pull out and lower to eye-level where labels can be easily viewed. Fits Caffitaly®, CBTL®, Lavazza®, MAP®, Rivo®, Tchibo® and Verismo® pods.
  • CafeStack® is a compact organizer that holds 60 OriginalLine Nespresso® capsules in less than 5
  • Expertly organize your flatware and tools with the Expandable Utensil Tray. Maximize your kitchen drawer space with two sides that expand from 11.5” to 18.8” wide, creating a perfect fit of 8 compartments to hold spoons, forks, knives and long tools. Non-slip feet prevent movement when the drawer is opened and closed. BPA-free plastic is easy to clean with soap and water. Quick installation; no assembly required.



  • CafeStack
  • CoffeeStack
  • CraftMore
  • CraftStack
  • Crazy Susan
  • Shelf Riser
  • SpiceLiner
  • SpiceStack
  • SpiceSteps
  • StoraStack
  • StoreMore
  • TeaStand
  • WrapStand
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