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Kuhn Rikon Corp.


tabletop, kitchen essentials + accents
16 Digital Dr
Ste 220
Novato CA 94949-5761

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Phone: (415)883-1101
Fax: (415)883-5985
TollFree: (800)662-5882

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Jon Polkinghorn

US Contact

Dennis Hanley

Non-US Contact

Tobias Gerfin

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Sandy Price

Consumer Contact

Jill Stroup

Kuhn Rikon is the #1 Swiss brand of cookware and cooks’ tools, loved by millions of home cooks and p ... more

Photos & Videos:

  • Kuhn Rikon Tong Tools Fork & Spoon (english)
  • Kuhn Rikon Mise en Place Set (english)
  • Kuhn Rikon Ultimate 5-in-1 Auto Opener (english)
  • Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Salad Spinner (english)
  • Field_updated_Melon Knife_final.m4v
  • Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety LidLifter
  • Kuhn Rikon Swiss Metallic Peeler (english)
  • Kuhn Rikon SoftEdge Spatula (english)
  • Kuhn Rikon Chop Chop
  • Kuhn Rikon Splatter Guard (english)
  • Combining pressure cooking and microwaving, it outperforms conventional cookware for fast meal preparation.  Stands out for speed, ease of use and energy efficiency, plus it preserves more vitamins, minerals, taste and texture of food.
  • Turns fresh veggies into faux-noodles and elegant ribbons. The small or large cone clicks onto the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler or Julienne Peeler. Then, place the vegetable inside the cone and turn to create ribbons or noodles.
  • Made of stainless steel, with expandable silicone gasket, to keep flavor in and air out. Seals so tight you can even store your wine bottle on its side in the fridge, cooler or picnic basket.
  • Grate fine, medium and coarse with this Swiss-made grater set. The blades are laser etched for extra sharpness. Slotted storage caddy provides safety and organization.
  • Add style and texture to your salads, crudités and garnishes with professional-looking crinkle cuts. Secure-grip handle and super-sharp blade for fast and easy prep of carrots, potatoes, beets and cucumbers. Comes with protective sheath for storage.
  • Perfect for people with small hands or those who need extra leverage opening cans and bottles. Opens jar lids, beer bottles, pull tabs, plastic bottle caps and small bottles. Stores easily.
  • Stainless steel tongs with a gentle silicone edge that is safe for non-stick cookware and high heat resistant. Silicone edges make it scratch resistant and easy to use, while adding a colorful visual accent.
  • Made with food-safe silicone, these steel-reinforced tongs will not scratch non-stick cookware.  Heat resistant up to 445°F. Silicone Scalloped all-purpose tongs. Silicone Turner Tongs for gently lifting, turning and serving. Silicone Tweezer Tongs for precision lifting.
  • Super-sharp, serrated stainless steel blade peels soft-skinned foods, like tomatoes, without slipping. Swivel-action provides for a greater range of motion in either direction. Huller removes tomato cores with less waste and slides onto the peeler handle for storage.
  • Designed to tuck away in a backpack, picnic basket or kitchen drawer.  A new curved knob quickly open cans with little effort, leaving no mess or sharp edges. A pull tab hook on the side for multifunctional versatility.
  • The Kuhn Rikon Tong Tools are designed for preparing and serving food. Each set contains a fork and braising spoon, or a fork and turner. Each item can be used individually or hooked together for serving tongs. Heat resistant up to 425° F.
  • Forged aluminum, with three-layered non-stick coating, reinforced with titanium particles, ideal for gentle browning and other cooking tasks. Durable for increased resistance to wear and tear. Advanced full induction surface that works well on any stovetop. Dishwasher safe.
  • Easily fill decorating bottle from store-bought frosting containers for embellishing sweet treats with artistic flair. 18-piece set includes decorating squeeze bottle, handled plunger, bottle base cap, scraper, 8 decorating tips and 2 flower tips bases with couplers and 2 tip covers.
  • Keeps kitchen utensils organized and within reach. Various shaped individual slots and a curved top keep tools separated. It holds up to 25 cooking utensils and tools of assorted sizes and shapes, and it spins for easy access.
  • Makes fresh corn on the cob easier to eat.  A soft, textured handle provides a comfortable grip and keeps hands clean and cool. A corkscrew-style tip twists into the cob for firm attachment. Holders cleverly stack together for compact storage.
  • Avoid tangles and hassles with this easy-to-load compact container that makes it easy to measure and easy to cut aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  Nonstick feet. Sharp blade. Works with standard size rolls up to 13-inches in length.
  • With its efficient Swiss design, the multipurpose Speed Whisk handles a variety of cooking tasks, such as emulsfying dressings, aioli and more. This durable stainless steel whisk features additional wires for faster results.
  • Kid-tested tools to help children learn to enjoy cooking. Japanese steel blades, with rounded tips and guards, are sharp enough to cut food, but not small fingers. Includes serrated and non-serrated Dog Knives, plus Duck Snippers with a Duckbill sheath.
  • Bake crisp pizzas, bagels and more with no mess and no sticking. Small holes allow air to circulate and help crusts develop a desirable crisp texture. Sturdy wire-reinforced rim and its honecomb structure gives extra support. Flexible silicone handles. Sized for toaster ovens and microwaves 12-in. square and larger.
  • Over 5,000 silicone bristles to clean a variety of surfaces, without smelly sponge odors. A cleaner alternative to conventional sponges. Non-porous silicone dries faster and won’t harbor bacteria. Safe on nonstick cookware. Heat resistant to 445°F. Also removes lint and hair. Dishwasher safe.
  • These knives feature an ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel blade with titanium coating for long-lasting sharpness and performance. The titanium coating protects and strengthens the blade. Assorted sizes, with paring knives in assorted colors.
  • These knives have streamlined, textured handles, with a plus graphic celebrating its Swiss design. Japanese steel blades are ultra sharp for long lasting performance. Silicone based non-stick coating on the blade prevents food from sticking. Matching sheaths. Assorted sizes and colors.
  • These colorful cutlery sets feature some of the most popular knives in the kitchen, all with super-sharp Japanese stainless steel blades and colorful, textured, secure-grip handles. Textured safety sheaths included. Dishwasher safe.
  • The Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper is a colorful tool that zips corn off the cob and right into the bowl with little effort. It features a patented blade that cleanly and safely removes three or four rows at a time. Dishwasher-safe. Comes with a blade sheath for safe storage.
  • Kuhn Rikon offers the broadest line of pressure cookers on the market, with models ranging from a small pressure frypan to a 12-Quart Stockpot. Pressure Cookers reduce the time and the energy it takes to cook food and aid in preserving natural flavors, textures and nutrients.
  • Turn cupcakes into an art form with this 14-piece set that includes Decorating Squeeze Bottles, Silicone Cupcake Liners, Tall Batter Bottle, Cupcake Corer, Flexible Offset Spatula and Steel Decorating Tips.
  • Features two high-quality ceramic sharpening stones that work independently to sharpen either a serrated or a straight blade. Easily pulls open from the handle. Top of the tool is contoured to provide stable grip when sharpening. Grooves under the grip help prevent slipping. Red or Black.
  • Solve an everyday cooking problem quickly and easily. Made of silicone, this flexible lid prevents boiling liquids from overflowing on stovetops. Heat resistant up to 400 degrees F, it fits on top of any pot or pan 6 to 10 inches in diameter. Also doubles as a splatter guard for microwaves.
  • Functions as a splatter guard for skillets and woks (they have feet to hold them in place), a strainer, and even a pizza baking sheet. Nonstick FDA-grade stain and odor resistant silicone is oven safe up to 450° F. Metal-reinforced rim and handles. 10-inch and 12-inch. Red, Green, Black and Purple.
  • This award-winning model is now available in a fun polka dot pattern and a curvy new shape. Classic “Y-shaped” peeler features a sharp wide carbon steel swivel blade.  It has an ergonomically designed plastic handle with comfortable indentations for the thumb and finger. Blue, red, black, green.
  • Two ultra-sharp stainless steel graters in one compact tool. Textured handle for a secure grip. Blade slides into handle for safe storage. Fine/Medium Dual Grater for nuts, citrus or hard cheeses. Coarse/Ribbon Dual Grater for cheeses, vegetables & more.
  • Keeps flyaway bits in the bowl when preparing batters, soups and more. Transparent lid for seeing ingredients while mixing. With built-in ribs, it fits a variety of bowl sizes (up to 12 inches in diameter) snugly and securely. For most handheld and stand mixers and immersion blenders.
  • With its built-in stand for hands-free use, plus a wide rim and ergonomic handles that easily hook on bowls for stability, this fine-mesh strainer is perfect for straining fruits, vegetables and pasta, sifting dry ingredients, blanching and more. Long, ergonomic handle, with a loop for hanging.
  • The Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grinder, a contemporary pepper & spice mill, combines a high performance ratchet mechanism with a ceramic stone grinder. To use, simply push a lever back and forth to release freshly ground pepper, salt or other dried spices.
  • From Chef's Knives to Paring Knives, the Colori® Knife line features super sharp Japanese carbon steel non-stick blades. Matching polypropylene handles are ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering.  Assorted colors.
  • The new Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grater grates cheese, chocolate or nuts. This highly efficient, ergonomic design is easier on the hands than traditional graters. Simply push and pull the lever, back and forth to grate.
  • Keeps produce fresh longer, saves money and reduces waste.  Sporting a ratchet mechanism rather than a pump or ripcord, it spins faster, removing more water with fewer, easier strokes.
  • Made of flexible silicone, this tool makes removing skins of garlic cloves fast, easy and neat. Pop in garlic cloves, press down, and then roll the Garlic Peeler a few times on the counter. Garlic is quickly peeled, leaving hands clean and the garlic bulbs intact. Comes in Red, Blue and Green.
  • A Mini Cleaver cuts hard or aged cheese, and dried fruit; a Cheese Fork with a serrated edge for baguettes and hard cheeses; and a Soft Cheese Knife with holes to prevent sticking when cutting medium/soft cheese.
  • From Swiss designer Philipp Beyeler, its side knob design makes opening cans easier on wrists. Attaches to can when placed on top. Once knob begins to turn, it grips the lid and begins to cut around the rim of can. Once it travels around the edge, the can is open. Includes mini-pliers.
  • The Kuhn Rikon Veggie Peelers feature ultra-sharp carbon steel blades that offer the perfect peel every time. Each peeler shape is themed to its functionality: the classic Potato Peeler, the serrated Tomato Peeler, and the julienne Carrot Peeler.


  • Black Star Frying Pan
  • Colori Cook & Serve
  • Colori Knives
  • Duromatic Pressure Cookers
  • Durotherm
  • Easy Induction Frying Pan
  • Hotpan Cook & Serveware
  • Kinderkitchen
  • Kuhn Rikon
  • Safety LidLifter
  • Silver Star Frying Pan
  • Stay Clean Scrubbers
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