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Highwave, Inc.


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3301 W 5th St
Oxnard CA 93030

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Phone: (805)981-1773
Fax: (805)981-1542
TollFree: (800)444-4928

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Amy Mateo

US Contact

Gary Ross

Non-US Contact

Roger Williams

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Diana Ross

Highwave’s award winning designs have been setting the standard in specialty drink ware, since 1982. ... more
This company has products Made In the USA

Photos & Videos:

  • AutoDogMug
  • AutoDogMug_
  • AutoDogMug Water Bottle For Dogs
  • Today Show Reviews Auto Dog Mug by Highwave
  • AutoDogMug is the first and only travel mug for a dog. Highwave invented the first travel mug in the 1980's and now we have gone to the dogs. Fits in the car holder, just squeeze to refresh your dog. The extra water drains back into the mug. Leak tight and patented, food safe, BPA free, includes strap for bikes and hikes. Made in California (USA)
  • Create the best single cup of brewed press coffee (or tea), with no sediment.  Our Brewfish coffee presses are the first, and only presses that completely stop the brewing process when pressed.
  • Whether you prefer your beverages hot, or cold, Highwave has your glass. Double wall, borosilicate glass, holds temp steady, and never needs a coaster.
  • Wine stoppers don't need to be cute, fancy, ornamental or inspiring. They need to fit under counters in the kitchen or fridge and be leak tight when laid its side.  One card comes with a set of 3 assorted stoppers - all in clean, fun lines and colors.
Retail Price:
  • Finally a time capsule you won't want to bury! This vacuum-insulated, stainless steel capsule holds a full 750 ml ( 25 oz) of your favorite wine, and keeps it cold for hours!  Pour chilled wine in your capsule in the  morning and it will stay chilled for your evening concert.  You won't even need a cooler!  The WineTimeCapsule's wide mouth is perfect to use with ice water, too.
  • See why our travel tea mug is one of the top selling mugs in the industry!  It features a comfortable 16 ounces under the lid, the button to open that locks into the inside of the mug for green tea or easily removable filter for coffee or western style tea brewing.
  • The first wide base travel mug on planet earth with a drink-through top. Now improved to hold a huge 18 ounces! A timeless classic for the dash or on the control tower of your life. Rubber bottom pad helps keep your mug in place. BPA free Polypropylene Top.
  • The Flip/Aeration is a  wine aeration system housed in a simple one-liter (1000 ml) stainless steel decanter with a sediment screen. Quickly aerate a 750 ml bottle of wine by pouring into the Flip/Aeration, closing the lid, and turning upside down, and right-side up again to serve. These three simple stages of aeration use the extra 250 ml of air to open up any wine, faster and with better results than other aeration systems. Wine can even be transported in the leak-proof, travel-safe decanter. The fine-tuned pouring lip makes serving a breeze. The Flip/Aeration’s black neoprene base and tote make it perfect for keeping white wines chilled, too!
  • Double wall, stainless, vacuum, travel mug holds a full 16oz.  Push button, no-look, drink from anywhere top = the safest commuter mug on the planet.  Leak proof with final top in place.
  • Beautiful porcelain Lagoon holds water for your dog to drink and also becomes a moat around the food bowl, as ANTS CAN'T SWIM.  Porcelain food bowl comes in two sizes.  Optional Bamboo Base completes the set.
  • Highwave's new Time Capsules have a beautiful soft, silk texture.  Vacuum insulated keeps 750 ml (25 oz) wine or water cold or coffee hot longer than you need.  Comes with a removable strap and carabiner.  Wide mouth easily accommodates ice cubes.
  • Handmade double wall borosilicate glass keeps your 6 oz. spirits cold without any sweat. Our original design features structural aspects to ensure a long life.
  • Our Bauhauss hand crafted borosilicate glass design keeps your coffee hot and your fingers cool. Borosilicate glass (aka laboratory glass) is resistant to extreme temperatures and more durable that regular glass.
  • Our Red is a 10oz. wine glass that keeps a lower center of gravity and feels great in your hand.
  • The pilsner-shaped WineGrail glass is fit for knights in shining armor—a wine chalice lost in time, and now found. This hand-blown, double-wall, borosilicate glass holds 11 ounces of the wine sublime. Comes in a gift box.
  • The Auto Dog Mug Pure includes a filter that removed 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses. The Pure allows you to use water from ponds or lakes where the water quality is poor. Made in USA



  • Apollo Bottle
  • Australian Beer Glass
  • AutoDogMug
  • AutoDogMug PURE
  • AutoPupCup
  • Autotray
  • Beer Shot Chill
  • BigFish
  • BIGwater
  • Brewfish French Press
  • Dog Food Lagoon
  • Double Wall Glass Diner
  • EuroJo
  • Flip/aeration wine aerator
  • Float Wine Preserve
  • Float2
  • FloJo
  • Formula Ale
  • four/RITAS - margarita maker
  • Gloww Glassware
  • Good Idea Beer
  • GoodBi mugs
  • Grate Grind
  • Hotjo
  • Industrial Wine Stoppers
  • Irish Beer Mug
  • joBEER
  • JoCool
  • JoeFish
  • JOEmo
  • JoPilot
  • La Mar Tini
  • lunagloww
  • moJOEmo
  • MotorMemoMug
  • Porona-Catron
  • REd
  • reTEA
  • Roam
  • SPARK - Set of 2
  • Teafish
  • TEAmo
  • TEAquarium
  • Time Capsule
  • Tropic Tea
  • vinogloww
  • Will Chill
  • Wine Time Capsule
  • WineGrail
  • yoLid
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