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smart home pavilion, wired + well
79 madison ave.
New York NY 10016
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Phone: +1 (646) 491-6662

Consumer Contact

Ritz Nam

Non-US Contact

Edouard Sterngold

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Tracy Teitelbaum

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Edouard Sterngold

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Ariel Sterngold

We believe that you don’t have to compromise between time and eating healthy delicious food made fro ... more

Photos & Videos:

  • Blix - How It Works - Smart Blending with No Prep or Cleanup
  • Blix - Sarah's Story
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  • Blix

Featured New Products for Media & Buyers

Blix -- Household Electrics

The Blix Smart Food Maker helps consumers enjoy healthy and delicious food without planning, prepping or clean-up. The system is comprised of the sleek Xi machine and Blix [single serve] Cups that work in tandem to serve up nutrient-dense smoothies, soups, spreads and more. Blix Cups are revolutionary—featuring built-in blades and RFID tags so the machine can “read” each cup and adjust blending accordingly with the touch of a button. The Xi Machine retails for $199 and subscription plans start at $7.49 per cup.

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