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Asber Inc.


wired + well
4618 162 Street 1st Floor
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Phone: 3475068544


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Featured New Products for Media & Buyers

Automatic Vacuum Wine Stopper -- Gourmet + Specialty Foods + Products

Wine Stopper that also has the functionality of Vacuuming Air out of the Wine Bottle. Automatically pauses if the bottle tilts at 45 degrees or more to prevent wine from being Vacuumed out. This product is Battery operated.

Wine Air Cork Pressure Pump -- Gourmet + Specialty Foods + Products

Uses a Needle to Remove the Cork from a Wine Bottle.

Wine Aerator and Dispenser -- Gourmet + Specialty Foods + Products

Electric Wine Aerator that can be used to Aerate wine and dispense it at the same time. The Product is battery updated and uses LED lights to indicate when it is operative. The product can be turned on using a button and uses an oxygen pump and magnetic force to extract wine from the bottle.

Electronic Wine Opener -- Gourmet + Specialty Foods + Products

Battery-Operated Wine Opener that includes a Touch Screen Sensor to toggle action. This Wine Opener will automatically remove the Cork from a wine bottle when turned on.

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