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inventors corner
208 Caribe Isle
Novato CA 94949
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Phone: 6282592162

Consumer Contact

David Lieberstein

Non-US Contact

David Lieberstein

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

David Lieberstein

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

David Lieberstein

US Contact

David Lieberstein

The Laundranet was invented by David and Terrie Knell in 2012 as the ‘Sweater Hammock’, to address t ... more

Photos & Videos:

  • Laundranet Clothes Drying Rack, retractable, dry sweaters flat, dry rack
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet retail packaging box
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet installed above washer/dryer
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet packaging side view
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet packaging front view
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet open
Title: Max 30 Characters - Laundranet illustration with clothing
  • Laundranet retail packaging box
  • Laundranet installed above washer/dryer
  • Laundranet packaging side view
  • Laundranet packaging front view
  • Laundranet
  • Laundranet open
  • Laundranet illustration with clothing


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  • Laundranet

Featured New Products for Media & Buyers

Laundranet -- Closets + Clothing Care

The Laundranet, a retractable wall mounted clothes drying system to air dry hand washable apparel, is now available. Install horizontally above the washer/dryer, bathtub or from two similar opposing walls. The 24” wide netting easily pulls out up to 72” to hold up to five pounds of damp clothes flat. No need to use bulky collapsible drying racks in the middle of the room anymore! Great for home, apartment, RV or any living space.

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