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Tutto Casa

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tabletop, kitchen essentials + accents
19 Old Rte 28
Ossipee NH 03864-7361
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Phone: 603-539-7980
Fax: 603-539-7990

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Oliver Weiss

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Oliver Weiss



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Featured New Products for Media & Buyers

Barnyard BeepEgg -- Kitchen Electrics

Too soft, too hard – but never right. The perfect boiled egg is not an easy task. Well, for Barnyard BeepEgg® it is. The smart and temperature-based egg timer always guarantees [egg]sact results, no matter at which altitude or starting temperature it is used. Simply store and boil it with the eggs until BeepEgg® will sing three famous farm themed tunes. One for each level of doneness. It’s fun, it’s cool and it really works.

drip.line -- Kitchen Tools + Accessories

Where to put all the wet stuff? Everybody knows that still somewhat damp cleaning rag sitting somewhere in or around the sink. Unappetizing and a real germ trap. But it’s just not easy to dry stuff around the sink, as one is missing a rail to put all the wet stuff. Our drip.line offers a solution for that issue. Simply use drip.line over your sink to drain and dry your dishwashing tools and don’t give germs a chance. Drip.line is an adjustable tool that can be placed over your sink to hold cleaning rags, brushes and sponges to dry completely. This will improve your kitchen hygiene. As it’s adjustable from 12.8 to 22.2 inches, drip.line will fit the various sink sizes. Its adjustability also makes it easy to store in a drawer. More than just a rag rail But drip.line is more than just a rag rail, it is truly multifunctional. It’s perfect to drain food in the sink. Be it for a freshly washed salad, or your cooked pasta, as drip.line is not fixed, you can easily find the perfect position to hang your strainer in the sink with drip.line and drain the food to avoid it sitting in its own water and becoming mushy. Drip.line is perfect to drain food over the sink. That’s not everything, though. Drip.line is also perfect to use as a trivet for cooling down baking sheets or casserole dishes. As it allows the air to flow underneath, it cools down quicker than regular trivets. Still not everything…it’s also perfect to dry stuff with condensed water. Just boiled something in a pan with a lid or just dish washed yours? Get rid of the condensed water with drip.line. Lids air dry more quickly than laying them flat on a towel. Same for reusable bottles. Placing them upside down on an even surface never gets them completely dry. Drip.line will – as it provides the right angle to get it really dry. Drip.line – a simple idea with multiple purposes.

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