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Jobar International, Inc.


clean + contain
21022 S Figueroa St
Carson CA 90745-1937
Email general company email

Phone: 310-222-8682
Fax: 310-222-8657

Consumer Contact

Willis Ha

Non-US Contact

Vanessa Meininger

Public Relations VP/Director/Manager

Willis Ha

Specialty Retailer Sales Contact

Vanessa Meininger

US Contact

Vanessa Meininger

Founded in 1972, Jobar International, Inc. is a global leader in the consumer products industry. We ... more
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Photos & Videos:

  • Pet Parade Peture Perfect Treat Launcher
  • No Spill Ice Cube Tray (Handy Gourmet)
  • North American Health + Wellness Weekly Pill Sorter and Organizer
  • Stretchable Seat Covers (Ideaworks)
  • Cordless Tire Inflator (Ideaworks)
  • Kool Down Evaporative Air Cooler (Ideaworks)
Eco Volcano Microwave Cleaner -
Can Strainer -
Micro- Cloths Set of 4 -
RevMix -
Citrus Juice Box -
ECO Paper Plate Holders Set of 8 -
Ice Ball Tray -
All in One Furniture Repair Markers -
Acrylic Solar Sign with Marker -
Stick and Slide Drawers Set of 2 -
Convertible Cooking Rack -
Collapsible Kitchen Washbin -
Silicone Scrubbing Gloves -
Microwave Tea Kettle -
Splatter Shields Set of 3 -
Silicone Sponges Set of 3 -
Honey Comb Ice Cube Tray -
Microwave Cool Caddy -
Dual Color Regular Ice Cube Tray -
Triple Candy Machine- Red -
Silicone Utensil Rest 4-Slot -
ECO Collapsible Splatter Shield -
ECO Microwave Bacon Cooker -
Dual Color Large Ice Cube Tray -
ECO Pressure Cooker-Teal -
Reusable Coffee Pods -
Hang Away 4-Shelf -
Bedding Away -
Drawer Away -
Bags Away -
Winter Away -
Under Bed Shoes Away -
Stacking Basket Set of 2 -
Pant Hanger -
Hanger Away -
Dishware Storage Round Set of 3 -
Dishware Storage Round Set of 2 -



  • Handy Gourmet


    North American Health + Wellnes

    Pet Parade

    U.S. Patrol


    My Home
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