Press Registration

News Media credentials are given to working editorial news media only. Our registration qualifications have changed. Please review the following:

Who Qualifies for a News Media Badge?

Working journalists in print, broadcast and digital media for established trade or consumer publications and media outlets. This includes reporters, writers, editors, producers, photographers and camera crews.

NOTE: Film crews who are working for an exhibitor are Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors and not News Media. Please have the exhibitor register you though the EAC process. See the exhibitor services manual

Who Does Not Qualify?

Media pre-registration is now closed. You must register on-site in the News Center, S401, Level 4, South Building. Please note the requirements below. To be pre-approved, please email Debbie Teschke with the appropriate information.

Credentials for Registering On-Site

Please present a business card from the media organization with your name and title. Police media credentials do not qualify in lieu of a business card. In addition, please provide the following:

Badges will not be mailed before the 2016 Show and must be picked up on-site in the News Center, Room S401, Level 4, South Building. To expedite processing, please bring your registration confirmation email to the News Center.

IHA reserves the right to change your badge classification at any time.

If You Qualify, Please Register Online >