iha staff contact info

IHA staff members are eager to help you with any questions you may have. Please use the direct dial numbers listed below for specific questions or call +1 847-292-4200 for help in directing your call.

Consumer Product Questions

The IHA does not manufacture or represent any housewares company, housewares product or housewares brand. We do not provide any consumer support for products, defects, or instructions for use. However, you can use our directory of housewares companies to locate and contact the company directly.

General Association Inquiries:

Josie Granda

phone: +1 847-692-0100

Other Departments:

Executive Services
Finance & Administration

Trade Show Services
Trade Development
International Offices and Representatives

Executive Services

Judy Colitz
Manager, Special Events & Executive Services
phone: +1 847-692-0126

Isabel Barabicho

Meeting Coordinator, Executive Services
phone: +1 847-692-0111

Finance & Administration

Dean Kurtis

Vice President, Finance & Information Technology
phone: +1 847-692-0119

Josh Green

Manager, Database Administration
phone: +1 847-692-0112

David Reeves

Manager, Information Technology
phone: +1 847-692-0121

Sharon Schatz

Manager, Finance & Administration
phone: +1 847-692-0117

Doug Loew

Production Manager
phone: +1 847-692-0104

Robert Rogel
Distribution Coordinator
phone: +1 847-692-0130
Debbie O’Connor
Systems Support Analyst
phone: +1 847-692-0108

Josie Granda
phone: +1 847-692-0100

Trade Show Services

Mia Rampersad

Vice President, Trade Show
phone: +1 847-692-0107

Nancy Michael
Senior Manager, Business Development
phone: +1 847.692.0139

Adrienne Tiritilli

Vice President, Trade Show
phone: +1 847-692-0107
Email Adrienne Tiritilli

Sharon Bellock
Manager, Trade Show Operations
phone: +1 847-692-0134
Email Sharon Bellock

Lisa Klemme

Manager, Trade Show Sales
tabletop, kitchen essentials + accents
phone: +1 847-692-0102
Email Lisa Klemme

Katie Thill
Manager, Trade Show Sales
clean + contain
phone: +1 847-692-0122

Alyssa Graham

Meeting Coordinator,
Trade Show Operations
+1 847-692-0133
Email Alyssa Graham

Alyssa Fulton
Manager, Trade Show Sales
wired + well, cookware + bakeware
phone: +1 847-692-0125
Email Alyssa Fulton

Dawn Wittmann

Trade Show Sales Coordinator
phone: +1 847-692-0140
Email Dawn Wittmann

Lindsay Pearson Wessels
Manager, Trade Show Sales
phone: +1 847-692-0101
Email Lindsay Pearson Wessels

Radha Kulkarni
Trade Show Sales Coordinator
phone: +1 847-692-0118
Email Radha Kulkarni


Derek Miller

Vice President, Global Marketing
phone: +1 847-692-0161

Tom Goodman
Manager, Marketing & Creative Services
phone: +1 847-692-0115

Piritta Törrö
International Marketing & Business Development
Phone: +358 (400) 255 612
Email Piritta Törrö

Deborah Teschke

Manager, Public Relations & Communications
phone: +1 847-692-0110

Tina Genualdi

Manager, International Marketing Operations
Phone: +1 847-692-0105
Email Tina Genualdi

Tracy Teitelbaum
Senior Manager, Consumer & Digital Marketing
+1 847-692-0164
Email Tracy Teitelbaum

Rachel Agee

Coordinator, Consumer & Digital Marketing
Phone: +1 847-692-0167
Email Rachel Agee

International Offices and Reps
View Offices and Reps

Trade Development

Perry Reynolds

Vice President, Global Trade Development
phone: +1 847-692-0109

Lori Szudarek

Manager, International Trade Development
phone: +1 847-692-0116

Connie Chantos
Manager, Trade Development
phone: +1 847-692-0135

Ginny Costello
Manager, Member Services
phone: +1 847-692-0114

Vicki Matranga
Design Programs Coordinator
phone: +1 847-692-0136


Philip J. Brandl

President / CEO
phone: +1 847-692-0103