Going Green

Get FREE Exposure at the Show for Your Green Products Today’s consumers are looking to our industry to help them make "greener shopping” decisions.

We want to show your new "green" products and "green" packaging The Show’s display, Going Green, located in the Hall of Global Innovation, in the Lakeside Level 3 Lobby, will offer the latest and most innovative:

  • Green Products
  • Green Packaging

A select group of items will be displayed along with the green stories behind these projects.

Experts in sustainable design will review exhibitors’ submissions to choose the most innovative directions in sustainable packaging and products. They will be looking for products that:

  • Are manufactured with recycled, recyclable or renewable materials
  • Reduce consumption of raw materials and energy in production
  • Reduce consumption of materials or energy by users
  • Use sustainable technologies in their production and distribution
  • Are the result of socially and ecologically responsible business practices

Additional entries meriting recognition will be included in a brochure that will be distributed at the display and in the Show’s News Center.

To submit your Green Product or Green Packaging type your company name below:

Participation Deadline Extended - January 22, 2014

Choose your company below:

If your product or packaging is selected for the display:
We will ask for a sample to arrive at the IHA office by February 13, 2014.

You will receive a small sign announcing your participation in this exhibit to display in your booth at the Show.

Questions? Contact Vicki Matranga, 847-692-0136 or vmatranga@housewares.org

Note: IHA reserves the right to assess and approve entries based on criteria and space