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Creators of Sustainable Resins, Recycling Programs & Asset Recovery Solutions; all with an emphasis on softening environmental impact.

Our Mission:

NextLife's mission is to develop and market financially viable uses for our nation's plastic waste, once destined for landfills, by creating sustainable resins utilizing state-of-the-art NextLife technology. The materials are designed for use in a broad array of existing applications.

Our Vision

The NextLife™vision is to develop successful sustainable solutions which provide added value while improving our environment, providing a rewarding work experience for employees and attractive financial returns for our investors and shareholders.

How We Partner with our Clients

  1. assess the impact of current products or services
  2. bring new products or services to market
  3. market current product line
  4. develop more eco friendly operations within organizations

The Nextlife Green Team

Our Executive Green Team has over 80 cumulative years in the plastics industry. The Group is experienced in product and package design, waste management, recycling, sustainable product development, sustainable packaging, eco marketing, green consulting, branding and is fully invested in showing NextLife clients how sustainability drives innovation and profits.

Science Powers What We Do

Nextlife™ offers sustainable resins and eco marketing strategies supported with the science and verification necessary to protect companies from greenwashing claims while providing go-to-market and on-going support strategy.

Our Standards

From the beginning, Nextlife™ has been "ahead of the curve" by sharing its thought-leadership and forward thinking. With the help of trusted partners like Intertek it has instituted standards for sustainability that support its brand promise, while simultaneously being pragmatic for its trading partners.

Our Process

Innovative recycling technology is the backbone of NextLife™, giving it the ability to transform large volumes of post-consumer plastic waste into highly-refined, 100% recycled resins. NextLife's proprietary, state-of-the-art equipment and processes are fully automated and can efficiently:

Remove all contamination, including paper, fabric, foam, rubber, stickers, adhesive, fines and metals

  1. Clean / de-contaminate plastic film and bags
  2. Melt and filtrate
  3. Separate plastic resins by type
  4. Separate colors
  5. Customize to meet manufacturing needs
  6. Able to be colored to match any pantone #

Our Green Facilities

Nextlife's corporate headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. We have additional satellite offices in New York and Houston.

Frankfort Kentucky is the site of its 220,000 square foot, state of the art recycling facility which features three plastic recycling lines. In 2011 NextLife filed patents for its unique and proprietary recycling machinery.


Catherine Del Spina


Vice President, Green Ambassador


"Businesses that can define a purpose bigger than their product will outperform businesses that are just selling product"

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