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Set of 3 warp resistant dual sided mats maximize available cutting surface. Color coded to prevent cross contamination. 11" x 15"

Set of 3 warp resistant dual sided mats maximize available cutting surface. Color coded to prevent cross contamination. 11 Extra sharp grater nest for safe and compact storage. Folds out to a perfect stand. Three grating surfaces; course, medium and parmesan.
Converts from a colander to a bowl with just a twist. 2 Sizes: 1.5 & 3 quart capacity.
Double sided mat is 50% thicker than the average chopping mat. Mat is 11 Great for mashing, whisking and mixing.  Includes comfort grip handle.  Unique shape contours to bowls.
Two blades in one peeler for convenient use and compact storage.  Serrated blade and straight blade.  Rotating safety shield protects fingers.  Includes a pointed tip for removing produce blemishes and potato eyes. Easily cut vegetables to an even thickness with the click of your thumb.  Thin, medium and thick slices.  Hand guard included. Collapsible keeper keeps lettuce and other produce fresher longer.  Wash and store in one container.  2 sizes available: 2 quart and 4 quart.  Adjustable vent regulates air circulation and moisture.  Collapses to 1/3 of it's size. Unique design and air tight lid keeps cut citrus fresher longer.  Perfect for storing halved or wedged lemons or lines.  Store up to 8 lemon or lime wedges.  Available in Green and Yellow. Remove core and seeds from bell and jalapeno peppers all at once.
Pastry blender that cuts through butter with ease and an integrated device for clearing the blades. Apple wedger with a blade cover and wedge releaser.  Press down on cover and wedges and core will release! Mini side bowl that clips on your personal appetizer plate.  For guacamole, salsa, ranch, dips, etc.  Also great for clipping to the side of your kids plates for veggie dips, ketchup and more.  Capacity is 1/3 cup. Integrated bin collects scraps, and collapses for easy storage. Update to our popular grate and store with medium and fine grating surfaces and a storage lid.  2 cup capacity.  Non skid base.
Soft pusher makes it easy to grate and takes up less storage space.  Internal capacity is the same as existing rotary graters.  Fine etched blade works perfectly on parmesan. Mandoline slicer has no loose pieces or blades, making easy to use and store. 4 adj. setting and julienne blades make is easy to reach your thickness.  Flip up ramp to expost a medium etched grater which can also be used with hand guard. Mini square colander is ideal for rinsing berries, cherry tomatoes, draining beans and other small jobs.  Comes with a snap on base to catch drips. 1.75 quart colander hangs over sink for hands-free use. Features seed and stem holder to keep prep area tidy, small holes for rinsing grains and collapses to one third its size for compact storage. Features nonslip gripper edges to remove jars from boiling water and curved handles for comfortable grip.
Magnetic lid lifter safely and easily removes jar lids from simmering water, reducing hand contact and keeping canning process sterile.  Magnet disengages by twisting off. Fits securely over the mouth of wide and standard size jars.  Outer base features headspace measurements and keeps funnel from touching the counter, preventing messes and contamination. Flower shape prevents jars from touching during sterilization. Reversible design provides versatility to can ½ pint, pint and quart jars.  Fits in most 16 quart pots and can be stacked to sterilize twice as many jars. Scoop’s angled front and sides fit into stockpot corners.  Hook on handle clips onto pot rim.  Large capacity fills an entire ½ pint jar in 1 scoop.  Set includes one-handed jar lifter, lid lifter, canning funnel with headspace measurements.
Innovative 3-quart salad spinner collapses for compact storage and expands for use.  Basket doubles as a colander and outer bowl can be used as an attractive serving dish. Cores and slice apples into 16 pieces.  Blade cover doubles as a tool for popping out lodged slices.  Quickly dices fruits and vegetables.  The attached cover doubles as a tool for “popping” through any lodged pieces and safe storage.  The included measuring container catches diced pieces and comes with a lid for storage. Slice and dice produce.  Comes with three interchangeable blades: small dice, large dice and slice.  Clear measured base lets you measure as you chop. Set of 3 measuring cups nests for storage.  The triangular shape is easy to hold and features three easy pour corners.
Set of 3 paring knives includes 2 straight blades and 1 serrated blade.   Protective blade covers snap together for storage.  Knives are color-coded for food safety. Quickly separates egg white while leaving the yolk intact. Fits securely on rim of most bowls. Fine and ultra fine grater set folds into the handle for compact and safe storage. Grate hard cheese and chocolate with the fine grater, and zest lemon with the ultrafine grater. Chop, scoop and transfer food with one tool.  Also great for cutting dough, cleaning surfaces and more.  Blade features measurement and safety cover doubles as a scoop.  Mix, pour and store salad dressing in one container.  Features include a sliding agitator to help emulsify ingredients, silicone seal to prevent leaks and measured container for easy prep.
Fine and coarse chopping settings with measuring base.  Has a stainless steel blade and oversized comfort grip handle. Cook rice and pasta or steam vegetables in the microwave. Set includes cooker with lid, pasta drainer, veggie steamer, pasta measurer, measuring cups and spoons, rice paddle and cooking instructions. Three piece peeler set snaps together for compact storage. Includes a serrated peeler, Y peeler and straight peeler. Colorful 4 piece measuring set snaps together for compact storage.  Oval shape fits into narrow containers. Colorful 5 piece measuring set nests for storage.  Double headed spoons fit into wide and narrow jars, and rest flat on the counter.
Colorful 5 piece measuring set nests for storage.  Double headed spoons fit into wide and narrow jars, and rest flat on the counter.


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