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With more than a 100-year history, the dedication of family ownership and the hard work of retail staff, dodenhof Posthausen has become a key shopping destination. With a sales area of more than 120,000 m² (394,000 ft2), dodenhof Posthausen is a retail shopping center that offers all products ranging from fruits and vegetables, to clothing, to everything for the home.

The housewares and tabletop department boasts a product range which includes entry-level articles as well as premium products – thematically presented in a way that invites customers to touch and try.

Located in the countryside near the northern German city of Bremen, dodenhof has all of the characteristics and strengths of a specialty store despite its large size – these seemingly irreconcilable contrasts create an atmosphere shouting that anything is possible, which has been heard and appreciated by customers for more than a century.

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