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IHA Giveaway: Casabella MicroEgg and Butter Keeper!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

This week’s giveaway features one of the biggest members of the IHA, Casabella! Casabella makes a wide variety of products for the home from cleaning supplies to kitchen prep tools! They were generous enough to donate TWO products for our weekly giveaway this week, with the opportunity for our readers to win a MicroEgg cooking tray and a Butter Keeper tray for your Refrigerator!

To Enter, answer this question on our Facebook page by Thursday, May 24th at noon CST: What is your favorite kind of breakfast sandwich? What would you make if you had the MicroEgg to speed up the process? Please remember only one comment per person! Here is what we’re playing for…

MicroeggButterKeeper (2)

The MicroEgg, made of silicone, makes the morning breakfast routine a little less rushed and a lot healthier. Fast and easy even for children, crack an egg into the MicroEgg, close the top and set in the microwave for 60 seconds. You’ve now got a perfect fried egg for your breakfast sandwich, with toast or just on it’s own! The MicroEgg is natually non-stick, so there is no need for added fats or oils.

The Butter Keeper is a great option for keep sticks of butter and margarine in your fridge. The silicone tray makes it easy to get the stick in or out and the sides come with measurements to you can get just the amount you need. Use the edge on the top cover to slice through the stick while it’s in the tray for simplicity and less clean up!

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