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ProFreshionals Banana Hanger

Photo Description:

This sleek device folds into itself like a jackknife for easy storage in your kitchen drawer. When needed, our banana hanger unfolds to hold a bunch of bananas in elegant style on your countertop.

This sleek device folds into itself like a jackknife for easy storage in your kitchen drawer. When needed, our banana hanger unfolds to hold a bunch of bananas in elegant style on your countertop. Finally a way to keep watermelon from sitting in its own juices and getting soggy. This 3-piece bowl comes with an inner colander that works to drain the juices as it stores, keeping your fruit fresher and longer. Large 7qt. capacity will hold most large watermelons when cubed. The built-in spout in the bowl allows easy pouring of the juice for drinks or frozen desserts.
Combination bowl and colander keeps a strainer handy when you wash your small fruits or vegetables and want to drain off excess water. Simply wash in the bowl and tilt to strain. 3qt. capacity is perfect for a supermarket bag of grapes or box of strawberries. The colander easily detaches and nests in the bowl for compact storage. Makes 10 3oz. frozen treats at time; freezes juice, fruit, yogurt, even pudding into delicious summertime desserts on a stick. Lets Moms control the ingredients that they want to give their kids for a healthier snack. A 2-in-1 pan that makes regular thin crust or deep dish style pizza. Sturdy pan is reversible and nonstick for whichever craving you have when it comes to authentic New York or Chicago style pizza at home. Cooks a popular 14-inch size pie.
Prevent spills of hot soup from your instant lunch by adding stability to your styrofoam cup of noodles. Our holder has inner markings to measure out your water in the correct proportion--microwave until hot and pour into your noodle cup. Place the cup into our holder, cover with the lid until cooked, then enjoy! Take it anywhere safely and conveniently. Cook with color in our even heating, non-stick aluminum pan with stay-cool handles. Popular 10-inch size comes in 3 brilliant colors that add affordable flair to anybody's kitchen. The Bake-a-Bowl baking pan really does


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- Bonny
- Bonny Bar
- Butler
- Cheerios
- Good Cook
- Mr. Clean
- Oneida
- Precision
- Profreshionals
- Sweet Creations
- T-fal
- Yum
Company News:

Fresh Ideas Year 'Round 2014
Bradshaw International's theme for the year is "Fresh Ideas Year 'Round". With their diversity of products and brands, the kitchenware company covers the entire calendar year with bakeware, tools and gadgets for every season. Good Cook continues to offer innovative multi-tasking helpers such as the combination colander/bowl, dubbed the Bowlander, which in effect washes and strains small fruits and vegetables with one clever tool. The ProFreshionals line gets a host of new products, including space saving folding Banana Hanger, and a fruit saving Watermelon Bowl that keeps the fruit from getting soggy in its own juices. The ever expanding Sweet Creations debuts a cute Message Cookie Cutter that can imprint holiday words directly on the cookie, while the ingenious Bake-a-Bowl creates a new baking genre by simply shaping almost anything you can bake into a bowl. 2014 promises to be another fulfilling year for Bradshaw, a company that has made a philosophy out of supplying consumers' needs every cooking day.
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